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  1. I've found a fix for owners of Asian Desire Z's: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=847824 These will install the keyboard drivers for the Asian Z. Use recovery mode to flash it (the same procedure you used to flash this ROM) and on reboot your capacitive buttons should work again.
  2. Just confirming the above - your Sense UI version works perfectly! I don't actually want Sense at all, but at least I can cook the GUI out. :P Thanks Paul!
  3. I've got that problem too - also an Asian Desire Z (Singapore locale I think). The hard keyboard Menu and Search buttons work, but the capacitive ones only vibrate - so unfortunately its unusable as I can't go back or get to the homescreen! Sense ROM it is I guess...
  4. Anyone who has been on eBay looking at mobile phones would know by now that there are a few bazillion cheap no-name phones from countries such as China and Hong Kong (Like this). I would never buy one, but out of interest, does anyone know if these phones are necessarily bad? Are they usable? How do they stack up to our mainstream phones? Because I see these things actually being sold on eBay, so surely someone knows about these phones? Thanks!
  5. No one knows? Surely there's someone who knows the first question?
  6. Hi all! Just two simple questions, which I have been scouring the forum for with the search function but still havent found :). 1. What registry key do I have to modify to change the background of the Start Menu? I've seen themes do it, but I'd rather DIY. 2. What are the default colours for the Start Menu background? By that I specifically mean the values for: COLOR_GRADLEFT COLOR_GRADRIGHT COLOR_INTGRADLEFT COLOR_INTGRADRIGHT Thanks! Andrew
  7. It seems like there are no more budding emulator developers for the SmartPhone - I can't find any updates on emulators these days! Specifically a DOS emulator that will run my Lotus 3 game... the abandoned (I'm assuming) spvDosBox wont run my Lotus, it just spits a blank line out when I try to run it... All the old Gameboy\NES\Amega\etc. projects have been abandoned by their respective founders. I know they probably had good reasons for that, but I was hoping by now there would be some fresh developers with fresh drive to continue these projects or start others. Anybody? ;)
  8. anyone know if this emulator is compatible with programs written in PASCAL? i was wondering if i could whip up a quick menu for my games selection...
  9. trust me, just about ANYTHING is an improvement over the crappy motorola earphones. i jammed a 2.5mm to 3.5mm convertor into there (only 3 contacts mind you, hence the $AUD2.99 tag from Jaycar), $15 sony earphones and they sound heaps better! too bad it doesnt work properly, and anyway as you kinda said, its not realli worth forking out anything more than 10 dollars for the slight improvement over the moto earset.
  10. pull the battery out, leave it for a day, plug it back in, turn phone on (if possible) then charge. sounds strangely untechnical and unscientific, but oddly enough it worked for a friend's smartphone and my old moto v525! and in conclusion, electronics can be very weird.
  11. yea i use sony sound forge to pump up the volume of my ring-mp3s, works well as the mpx200 can be quite loud if u give it a loud sound ;) i always wonder why all the default motorola midi ringtones sound like they were made by pixies...
  12. no that can't be it... i had a motorola v525 right before this, where the wap worked as it should... when i changed to mpx200 it didnt work initially. fiddled around with it a bit and alas! it worked! but for some reason it stopped in a few days... been stressin eva since! :| oh and i did try carsons advice. thanks anyway, but no avail... IE gets stuck with 'Dialling...' in the titlebar
  13. vodafone used to do that - i could browse net when my credit was at zero! but dangit they found the glitch and vaporized it... cheapskates! ;)
  14. hi all! this is a problem that has frustrated me to infinity and beyond! my mpx200 is on vodafone prepaid australia. after much fiddling with both connection and MMS settings i got my MMS to work, but neither internet explorer nor MSN messenger will connect to the net! ive called vodafone support, and after a lengthy call concluded that indeed the GPRS settings ARE correct (backed up by the fact that MMS works). it seems rather absurd that a phone can't get on the net yet it can send MMS using the very same GPRS connection! suggestions, ideas, random thoughts, anything from anyone, please! ;) andrew
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