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  1. Has anyone been able to geotag their photos on the HD? Cant find a way to enable it in camera settings. Perhaps there is an app to do this as on the TyTNII? Looking at each photo's properties doesn't reveal anything either. Maybe its not possible....
  2. I was in Edinburgh three weeks ago and did a lot of surfing web on my Kaiser. occasionally saw both H and E for the first time. Since then I nearly always get H downloading when there's good 3G signal. Never E tho. (Bolton/Manchester area). would love to see new data plans, should have been out Nov 1st !
  3. I was running this on my Hermes (M3100) and it was brilliant, but my Kaiser doesn't seem to like it, along with Mobiblgr. Had to do four hard resets in the first week which didn't go down well, and gave up installing these thinking maybe a WM6 version was needed. Of course it may not have been mologogo causing the problem, I just couldn't face another hard reset with so much work to get through. Maybe I'll give it another go as it WAS good!
  4. I believe its com 9 on the 3100. I certainly have to use 9 on mine, no others available.
  5. It's got microSD allegedly so not SDHC which is GOOD coz I've spent a small fortune in SD cards for various phones! By now I think we really ought to be seeing VGA screens running 24 bit colour in this format. Maybe needs the power of xscale @ 624Mhz, then we might be close to a perfect device
  6. ... and WM6, and AKU 3.3, and 2.8Mp camera, AND 256Mb Rom, AND only 18mm thick, AND lighter than Hermes. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what the specs really are, but I want one! Will it be on Orange? ....if its due in June we may get it around September ;) They should have some on trial soon.
  7. it's quite irritating when it hangs two or three times every day....but then you get used to it ;-$
  8. I've had same problem once or twice & resolved with OK button & TT icon method. But to be fair my M3100 freezes every other day anyway & I have to soft reset. I suspect that SPB Today is behind that. It only seems to happen when I get a text message. Some people have mentioned the speed of the sd card as being a problem. Loading the programme into main memory may solve it, but that's not possible with TTN6.I find it only freezes while entering destinations, ie: when it is searching database for matches as I type in the letters. It's never hung during use or while calculating route.
  9. I've just installed TTN6 on my 3100 last night, but I'm using my old generic GPS unit. After several hours of trial & error & soft resets I finally got it to work! If I could afford it I would have got the TTN GPS unit as well. Ran it several times today and it worked perfectly though. Personally I prefer TTN to CoPilot, but like others I don't have much experience of CoPilot, mainly because I don't like the look of it enough to try it on my own device. I have a simple small PDA windscreen mount which fitted my M500 with the in-car charger plugged in, & it fits my 3100 just fine too. Volume from both devices is clearly audible in my van so its possible to manage without expensive kit. TTN handles phone-calls fine as well, but data in Contacts has to be just right or it can't navigate to them.
  10. Mine has been the same. M500 ok. m3100 settings appear same but don't work. Found a solution today but it might not work for all. First create a new connection or edit an existing one: START>SETTINGS>CONNECTIONS tab>CONNECTIONS icon>ADD NEW MODEM CONNECTION Enter name as: Orange.net UK In lower drop-down box select : Cellular Line (GPRS,3G) Click NEXT For access point name type: orangewap Click NEXT For user name type:your username Leave password and domain fields blank, click FINISH and OK three times to get back to home screen Now set up a new account with your email details and include the above connection when needed: START>MESSAGING>MENU softkey>TOOLS>NEW ACCOUNT Enter your email address Click NEXT - it will try to download settings, Click NEXT to skip this before the wrong settings are downloaded. Enter your name Enter your user name as "your mobile [email protected]" eg [email protected] Enter your password Check SAVE PASSWORD Click NEXT Account type: select POP3 In Name field change POP3 to Orange.net UK Click NEXT Incoming mail enter: pop.orange.net Outgoing mail enter: smtp.orange.net Leave domain blank Click FINISH tab Click YES to download mail If it doesn't work check that AUTO PICK is selected in START>SETTINGS>CONNECTIONS tab>CONNECTIONS icon>MANAGE EXISTING CONNECTIONS Also you may be asked for password at network logon - leave blank and click OK Good luck :D
  11. Just ordered mine too, free on 12 month upgrade. They must have been busy this afternoon taking orders, the price for me on my business account was
  12. I've had three calls and one text in the last few days all from different sources claiming to be "Orange Loyalty Department" or "Orange Upgrade Department" or similar, (hard to tell from the fast mumbling they speak in!). AFAIK Orange don't sell upgrades directly like that. It will be independant retailers with customer lists from the network operators who are coldcalling. Having said that, OCS did tell me that Orange Shop managers know sooner than most when phones get released. Depends on the shop and the deal they offer you I guess.
  13. M3100 on Orange website too. Let the race begin!
  14. I'm still getting over Operamini. It's so fast and uses so little data yet I can view pretty much any site. And its free. Apparently Orange are trialling it - partner just got a text about it, but I don't know the details.
  15. Some of the details are a little off but in essence its a good deal. Our household (we've had to take turns!) has spent SEVERAL HOURS on hold over the last few weeks trying to get O to give us broadband. Should be sorted at last so now I can start spending hours on hold to O business to get me a 3100!!!
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