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  1. Hey guys I really want to start programming games but don't really know where to go now. I've done a funky little shooter but that just involved bitmap manipulation. What's the best resource to start programming games like the old amiga ones or similar? ... I'll then add some to the list :)
  2. Just a quick thank you to everyone as I've just solved a problem I've been trying to fix for hours by searching this forum! The problem new installation of EmVC++ 4 with SP4 and Smartphone 2003 SE SDK, debugging etc works fine on emulator but not with device. Debugging on device results in the "error: Connection was not created" searching this forum resulted in the following fix.. run the following command at the command prompt: "C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce420\SMARTPHONE 2003\Toolsspdps /create /device" Bob's your uncle.. bosh! (just thought I'd write it in the way that I was seaching for it incase anyone else uses the same search string!) I love Modaco! Oo
  3. I've had a quick look through and search on the forums but can't find anything about this. I want to export all my text messages from my phone as it's being replaced by orange (problems with dust and charging). Does anyone have any idea if this is possible? Thanks in advance, Adam
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