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  1. Suxsem, can you make kernel that support overclock to 1.2 GHz and fix for the screen????
  2. Much better, working great here! Just a note to others: this also replaces the bootscreen.
  3. im getting this : the application HTC sense has stopped unexpectedly...
  4. hey where did u get the original omnia icons? could you please upload them?
  5. hey , would u mind 2 share this one with us?? it looks simple , but somehow great^^
  6. hey guys amazing work ! any chance for a black/red dialer skin?? That´d be great!
  7. are we now able to create our own widgets , for example a custom programm launcher or something?
  8. has anyone tried proton v2 yet , it looks fantastic
  9. i´d love to see Prot'n V2 on my omnia best wm7 theme i´ve seen so far
  10. hey also ich hab diese rom http://www.modaco.com/content-page/274737/...80/#entry928894 ohne Probleme draufgespielt , du kannst nicht einfach die manila sachen von XDA laden , da hast du keine schrift , das ganze muss auf der basis der englischen rom ablaufen. Kannst dir ja dann bei Xda die deutschen sprachdatein(mui-files) laden .. dann haste alles nötige auf deutsch falls bennötigt... kanns dir nur empfehlen geht ab :-) sorry guys , just a quick answer to a german friend i think his problem should be solved now
  11. yeah i think it´ll be very difficult to find good coders , but i wish you good luck its a great idea rock on
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