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  1. does anybody know when this will be released on vodafone in the Uk? many thanks
  2. is there any benefit in holding out for the inevitable release of higher speed version of the 2gb micro Sd card (a 1GB version exists). i've done some searching on the net , but i cannot find the max read/write speed to card for the hermes, does anyone know? cheers
  3. Guys is it just me or are the new vodafone tarrifs rubbish compared to orange and T-mobile, I bought my v1605 expecting some sort of data add on but there isnt anything, does anyone know if there are any more tarrif changes or is this it? cheers
  4. turn off the advanced usb setting under connections tab in settings.
  5. i thought I would download pocket MSN for my v1605 but it seems microsoft now want to charge
  6. I rang vodafone yesterday to enquire about sending the phone back due too the Letter "o" not working and the screen flipping out al the time, they told me they had them in stock but the system was saying they werent allowed to ship any out, said they would ring me back, i'm still waiting..................................
  7. has anyone noticed that the v1605 on the website has a vodafone style software menu screen and not WM5 style, I need to send mine back as the screen keeps flipping orientation but i dont want it if there about to release it heavily voda branded.
  8. i've got it on auto power down after 2 mins, and i wake it up using the power button on the right hand, it doesnt seem to remember what orientation it was in, I also noticed one other thing today, that if i go into my contacts and try to send it on as a Vcard , it brings up the MMS option instead :)
  9. I've noticed that if i re-awake my unit from standby, after having used it in landscape mode, the screen automatically defaults to portrait , even though keyboard is still out? i then haveto close the keyboard and pull it back out again to get landscape..................its becoming abit annoying any one else had this, by the way its a voda unit with HT621xxxxxx serial number? cheers
  10. Hi all, with MSN messnger if you have web cam you can talk to one another with video over the web, now as many peeps have 3g phones with the capability to make 3g video calls, is there a program out there that allows us to make video calls over WIFI as we can and have been able to do for ages with pc/laptops. and if not why hasnt some bright spark thought of a way :) cheers
  11. Will the serial numbers follow in succession from the manufacturer regardless of the network provider? also my serial number seems to be very early, i've got a orange version sitting here aswell and that has HT631 serial number? how can i check the windows build, apologise for all the questions but if theres the faintest whiff that i may have a buggered unit, i'd like to send it back asap. cheers
  12. I've just got my voda version this morning it has HT626 serial number but has rom version, but the rom date is 06/06/06 radio version is how come i seem to have a newer rom , but an older version by date? anything to worry about ? other than its a preHT630 serial number? cheers
  13. Voda do say that you can change to a more expensive or equally priced plan, but cnat change down in the 1st 9 months, so after 6 months 1/2 price, you could ask them to change you to the new
  14. For all you guys getting your phone delivered today on orange, mines just turned up ;-) however its going back to orange b'cos vodafone are doing it so much cheaper.
  15. Hi All, i've just done the following deal with Voda over the phone
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