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  1. I am also experiencing some location related issues although not the one you are describing. Some times GPS does not get a fix until I reboot the phone.
  2. I can confirm that my custom bake has no problems with the people app nor the cities for weather and world clock. Thanks Paul!! :-) -e-
  3. Full wipe (again) and installed prebake Sense - everything is working. Frustrating... Edit: Installed my custom bake without wiping. Errors came back.
  4. That gives me: package:com.google.android.apps.books package:com.google.android.apps.walletnfcrel package:com.google.android.ears package:com.google.android.videos Cities is one thing, the really annoying problem is the Sense peoples app which crashes with the error "SQLiteException: no such function: UCS2_LOWERCASE" as mentioned by several people. Any suggestions, I would be happy to try it! :)
  5. Hi Paul, did you manage to find anything here? Seems like a lot of people are experiencing this now :-( Cheers, -e-
  6. Just to be certain, I did a wipe (data/factory reset + cache) with CWM and installed. Same problem I'm afraid :-(
  7. Do you use the patched SQLite DB? Did you do any other changes related to that? My initial look at the stack trace and logs suggest that the issue is related to SQLite, but this could of course just be a result of something else...
  8. Great! Also the dialler is not behaving well... If opening a contact card the People application crashes. A missing SQLite function apparently ; UCS2_LOWERASE. Attached is stack trace (as image from the HTC error reporting) Edit: I did not use SQLite with the nosync patch. Edit 2: Added LogCat log, errors start on line 584 -e- People crash.txt
  9. Hmm, seems like all cities from the HTC Weather and Clock applications are gone.. I can't add cities to the weather app (only remove the default ones) nor to the world clock. Any ideas?
  10. I'm having the same problem with bootlooping. Trying to flash boot.img using the command "./fastboot-mac flash boot /system/mcr/boot.img" but it's unable to load the .img file. What am I doing wrong here? Edit: Using the kitchen...
  11. I had some disturbing behavior after flashing. The first boot after I installed clockworkmod, all calendar entries (Exchange 2010 sync) in the interval where it is synced with the phone was deleted; both from the phone and the server (-2 weeks, all future , all recurring) I thought it was a coincidence. Today I flashed back the stock recovery image to be able to run the OTA update. The very same thing happened - calendar flushed on reboot. Fortunately I have frequent backups. Anyone else who have seen something similar?
  12. Fantastic, thanks for the notification. Just downloaded OTA. Now we just wait until Paul gets his kitchen up and running :-)
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