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  1. MOD-C500

    Vodafone 858/Smart (Huawei U8160)

    Went into the Voda phone store today, very impressed with the handset too, the voda logo does unfortunately take up half the screen, but the price for a real android phone is simply amazing. defiantly one for me once the sim unlocking is available. Android is nice is its pure'ist form, why do carriers mess with them turning them into poor UI's and sorts:(
  2. MOD-C500

    Vodafone 858/Smart (Huawei U8160)

    Any idea's on time scales to create a carrier unlock for this device? Wanting to purchase, but Voda with make it unusable for me. Loving the affordability aspect of a quality android phone. If manufactures and Google keep this up it truly will be the mobile platform. p.s does this phone have Spanish support? thanks MOD
  3. thanks for getting back, that bit worked fine, i can get it to sync but only for three seconds while the active sync sign spins round. it says connecting but the says not connected. any suggestions? THX
  4. Hello all please, please reply, im still trying to get active sync too work with the c550, but the c550 is missing most of the settings. 1) there is no BTsetup in configurations 2) how can i add an outbond com port? there are a few screen shots below, where am i going wrong? Thanks again hopefully next time it'll work ;)
  5. Hello all, how did you get Bluetooth active sync working on the c550, using the guide. i cant figuer it out could you please help. is it possible to make an guide for the c550 thank you
  6. Hello all, Im into making music, and wondered if it is possible to have an multi track recording program for the c550. so that i can record one part of an song then the next part on top. a bit like Sound Recorder (or cuBase) but with a few more tracks. i would be very greatful if any body could point me in the right direction. Thanks Miah
  7. Thanks for that, i just ordered an bluetooth adaptor so not sure if i can active sync just yet, will let you know! Thanks ;)
  8. Can I use the internet on my C550 via Bluetooth? also if i can can i download Mp3s off the net on to the phone? Thank you Miah ;)
  9. MOD-C500

    SPV C500 Update

    Hello, i want to install the new update but wanted to find out if my phone will stay sim unlocked as i am running on o2. i unlocked it the free way using the (SPVServices) software.
  10. http://www.handit.com/downloads/infusio_f_..._01_35_demo.cab link to demo
  11. I have this same problem with my C500 i have a very annoying animation does any one know how to get rip of it. thxs
  12. MOD-C500

    Cheapest C500 online?

    I think i got my C500 the cheapest It was £61 off ebay and i bought a mini 512mb card for it for 23.99 with free delivery.
  13. MOD-C500

    How to transfer fast to C500 SD

    is it possible at all for the card to act as mass storage while still in the phone? :?:
  14. hiya, just bought a 512mb card but i cant transfer any mp3 fast to the device im using active sync exploera is there any other program i can use to increse the transfer speed. thanks
  15. MOD-C500

    Splinter Cell

    i hate playing java games on the c500 they dont work very well

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