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  1. I follow all you're instructions and replace files in XIP/Omnia with i900 files. Thank you once more! Even with LZX compression everything works OK!
  2. Great kitchen, I've finally made my slot0 free! Easy to use too. No issues on i900. All credits to WoZZeR999, for his great work!
  3. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\State\Samsung\Mouse] "UseFeedback"=dword:1
  4. No, I get it from LG Incite rom. I can make one when less busy
  5. Wow! We get 23052, 23053, 21857 and 23414 in a 24 hours. Here are screenshoths from 23414....
  6. you're wrong guys, we need official wm 6.5, but not for the core os files (we have newer), but for native wm 6.5 kernel, updated drivers and utilities to be able to cook quality roms.
  7. Here I am, and I'm sorry for keep you waiting. I didn't upload 23045 'cose 23047 come the very next day and it's even better. I lost some time to make all OK (thank you sector), but biggest problem is my slow internet uploading speed. I'm trying the whole afternoon to upload it on various servers, but get to 50% and failed. I'll keep trying, so keep an aye...
  8. As I mentioned earlier 23409 have problems with most of text input applications. 23045 is way better, and I'll also hope to include keypad from LG Incite with it. It is lighter version of Teglic XT9 input that comes with Omnia. I have to fix T9 still not working...
  9. 21851 is newer than 23017, but comes from different branch. 21851 is few days old MW 6.5 release (btw. there's even newer 21854, I will try update that soon), stable and simple release. No big menus, .NET is version 2, no start menu on bottom, no moving icons, no taskbar zoomer etc. Such WM 6.5 MS will officially release at 6.10. 23xxx builds are WM 6.5.1, with a lot of UI changes, but you'll face a lot of problems with older applications on them. 23045 is latest and the best of them, I'm running it almost 24 hours now, and it is working (and looks) great. I planed to post it today if I found time. The decision is on you. Have in mind that WM 6.5.1 is in beta phase, so if you need all-working and stable OS use WM 6.5 (218xx) releases. But you'll miss the fun... One more thing: I build my roms to be CLEAN roms, not LITE roms. Everything MS include as part of the OS is in them with no (or minimum) changes. There's no 3rd party applications except Samsung's necesary files to run the phone. You'll have to install all the applications you need.
  10. Great news boys and girs, we have great rom coming up soon, the 23045, with allmost all bugs fixed and a new design buttons on the softkeybar!
  11. If you are (like I do) getting tired of this new releases where this and that aren't working, you have download link of release 21851, standard wm 6.5 version (less finger-frendly)
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