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  1. Mine won't lock with the red button either, my phone is the Orange HTC Tytn 2.
  2. The phones are out, Orange started selling them on the phone around the weekend, keep phoning through, you will eventually speak to someone who does now they are out ;)
  3. Have phoned Orange and am sending my Dual back as it's no better than my current one, only thing I like was the extra storage space and memory, this is what the original touch should have had, sticking with my original touch for now, will upgrade again once the touch cruise comes out ;)
  4. Been using my new dual phone and to be honest I think it's a load of crap, great that it has double the CPU speed, ROM and memory but compared to my Touch it feels very slow and sluggish, running a few apps it's again slow. :( When loading Solitaire and moving the cards around my Touch does this very, very smoothly, but the Touch Dual is very stuttery and slow, this should not be considering it's double the speed of the touch and a completely different CPU, same when browsing the menu and scrolling up and down :D Not impressed at all ;) :( Also if you want to get rid of the Orange crap, when you start the phone and it gives you that 3 second countdown, pull the battery out during countdown, restart the phone and then you will have got rid of most of the Orange customizations :)
  5. I have had a few HTC phones, C500, 600, SPV M5000 and my previous one was the SPV E650 or HTC S710. The Touch is by far the best phone I have had, yes does need more memory and a faster CPU, bit surprised they only put a crappy 200mhz CPU in and 64mb ram into a PDA but I love it, the touch flo is not useless, it maybe a gimmick but a great one, I find scrolling through my contacts or browsing web pages very fast. found it annoying always having to use the stylus to move the scroll bars on my previous PDA phone, now I just swipe the screen :wub: I have no problems using only my hand to browse the menus but I do sometimes use the stylus as I like to keep the screen smudge free ;) I also find typing texts/emails very fast, I can type out using my thumb a full 160 character text in under a min, took me longer using the SPV E650 keyboard. Plus I have my tomtom navigator 6 on it and the phone handles it perfectly :D
  6. Awesome work :rolleyes: Installed 0.2 on my Orange E650 without doing a hard reset and it de branded it perfectly :P
  7. Awesome, going to try this out now on my E650, thanks :rolleyes:
  8. I seem to have a problem when running the smartgear with the screen orientation at 270 and fit to window on my SPV E650, sound works ok but I get no picture, yet running it in portrait mode or the orientation at 90 everything works fine :rolleyes: Also, how can I activate the program :P
  9. My E650 is great buttons are perfect but does have a tiny little wobble at the bottom but nothing that should bother anyone. Overall it's a fantastic phone :rolleyes:
  10. Fantastic, look forward to that :rolleyes:
  11. Nice, can't seem to get it to work with my app unlocked E650. Is it possible to copy the start menu icons as I can't stand the Orange icons, have replaced most of them but mostly need, call history, pictures & video, address book, settings, games and organiser. Thanks :rolleyes:
  12. Read that MS said they would put DUN back in on one of their blogs, but they also said it's up to the phone carrier if they include it or not :rolleyes:
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