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  1. Bit of a big problem with this ROM for me. I've hard reset twice to try to resolve it. Any attempt to sync with my exchange service calendar results in 'A problem has occurred with repllog.exe'. First time I've had this with any ROM (and I've used many). Email works fine. Anybody else have this issue?
  2. According to a thread on xda devs (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=2080351), which related to a story on businessmobile.fr (http://www.businessmobile.fr/actualites/services/0,39044303,39380156,00.htm), HTC were meant to be releasing their official Kaiser Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM. Being the first of May, and no update on the HTC website, it seems HTC have let us down. Whilst there are customer WM 6.1 ROMs out there, I'd prefer to use the real deal from HTC - and wonder just when it's meant to be coming now.
  3. I believe it's a missprint, it's the 128 MB RAM and 256MB ROM vers according to Orange cust services.
  4. I'm fairly confused on the Java side of things. Seems to be no choice if it goes to storage card or device memory.
  5. Tried to email HTC, but looks like their customer support email form is broken. Now THAT's customer focus.
  6. Serenity, you need to debrand for line 2 to work.
  7. Hopefully there will be a place to buy this baby soon.
  8. Good job I saw this thread. Guess I'll hold out now.
  9. Does it still fall over when searching through POI's in which there are TONS in the area. For example cash points.
  10. Should work. Works on an imate sp5 and its the same OS.
  11. If I was a business I'd do the same.
  12. Bare in mind it's very easy to get a negative opinion when looking around on forums etc. People will seek out a place to complain, but rarely will seek out a place to come and say how good it is - because it's expected.
  13. More like farmer billy joe thinking he can run a mobile network when all he knows is how to water carrots.
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