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  1. Hello everyone, long time no see... I used to be on here a lot in 2003. OK, so here is my sitch...My ATT Tilt crapped out on my. So I am back using my old Audiovox SMT 5600 (Windows Mobile 2003 SE). I used to have a theme maker (or Home Screen Designer) I got from here I think. This theme maker allows you to do some cool things like remove the horizontal lines on the home screen and move all the various elements that are on the Home screen around anywhere you wanted. I see its still is use cuz I checked out some of the themes on here earlier. Can anyone pist a link to that program? I would much appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Dude, I've been looking for this for days!!!. I have mine set as Lightsabers turning on and off. It's awesome. :)
  3. I have discovered that after I secure the headset in the ear if I pull it out just a tad it no longer causes my ear to hurt but still remains secure in my ear. I have used the headset several times since my last post and I have had no problems with it. Sound quality is good. The people I was talking to said they could hear me clearly. Looks like it's a winner.
  4. Well, I guess nobody know... So I went to Radioshack to buy one of the Motorola headsets they have on sale for $40.00. I saw the Bluespoon AX2. This thing is so damn small. It fits in the ear and has a small rubber piece that you flex around into the inner part of your ear that keeps the headset from falling off. You have to see it to understand what I'm talking about. This thing is so light. Below is a link to a review of the item. And it was reviewed with the SMT5600 so I knew it would work for me. Even tho it is so light it still hurts my ear a little. But it only hurts when I touch the headset. I have very sensitive ears tho so most people won't have this problem. There are some headphones/headsets I cannot use cuz of my ears being so sensitive. The sound is also not as good as my Bluetrk G2 but its not bad. And the volume should be able to go up a little bit more than it does. A couple minor quirks but so far so good. I'm gonna try it for a while and give it a real work out in the mean time.
  5. I have owned my audiovox 5600 for some time now. I used to own a SE T637. I paired a Bluetrek G2 with it. When I switched to the Audiovox I had problems with my G2 headset. Specifically, outgoing sound would mute. I thought it was the G2 but now I think it is a compatability issue between the G2 and the 5600. Anyone know where I can get a find a list of BT headsets that are compatable with the 5600? I really miss using my G2. I have been able to check some compatable headsets online and looks like the Bluetrek and Plantronics BT headsets are not comptable with the 5600. Jabra's compatability search engine doesnt work right now. Please some help would be great!
  6. File Name :: Rachel Sterling Author :: Maquina Category :: People Female Description :: Theme of Rachel Sterling, AKA Angel Veil. She is HOT! This is my best theme yet. Has all the screens included. View File
  7. Start > Settings > Profiles > Highlight the Profile in question > Hit Menu key. Hit Edit. When you edit the profi8le you can edit many different things.
  8. 547 downloads

    Theme of Rachel Sterling, AKA Angel Veil. She is HOT!


  9. OMG, hehe http://www.chrisapplebaum.com/ Enter the site Click on Commercials Click on top link, Carl's Jr "Paris" It's HOT! I'm not a Paris fan, but you would have to be gay to not like this commercial.
  10. I checked and they were all PCM with various Sample Rates (khertz) and Sample (bits) Sizes, and all were mono. I downloaded all my alert sounds from this link.. http://www.modaco.com/best_text_message_tones-t204490.html Theres some good sounds here.
  11. mp3 and wma dont work for the alerts. Wav's do tho. Put the wav in Storage\Application Data\Sound. Works for me. Oh, and they have to be a specific type of WAV. I think it was PCM. I use Goldwave to edit WAV's so I can save WAV's in many different file types, kbps, etc... I'm on another computer atm so i cant check but I will try and check tomorrow.
  12. 1. You can download Betaplayer. it's free and can play files that WMP10 cannot. 2. yes but I do not know for sure. here is a link for a guide. http://www.modaco.com/Media_Encoding_UPDATED-t95746.html 3. The 900 band is for Europe. The SMT5600 is a Triband phone which means you can use it in a lot of places around the world. If it had 900 as well then it would be considered a world phone. 4. Do a search for WAP or WAP alternitive sites, but the content is limited for WAP sites. BTW, I have had this phone for a few weeks and it ROCKS!
  13. hehe, I use the Imperial March for Work. That way I know when the evil empire is calling me ;)
  14. Download Homescreen Designer and you can change anything u want in my Homescreens (and in some other people homescreens as well.) http://www.ruttensoft.com/smartphone/homescreendesigner.htm
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