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    HSDPA speeds

    If he's getting the H he's either one of the lucky ones or T-Mo is throttling his data rate on a server. I got HDSPA on a 100MB-limited 20p calling bundle from eXpansys. Before the third tech saw HSDPA on my account and figured out enable>activate>'push it through', the first tech told me I had to pay another 12.50 for Web 'n' Walk Plus. This actually agrees with your £5, because the total is £27.50 just like Flext 20 + Web 'n' Walk + £5. In my case, this was a training problem at T-Mo. CS had been adamant about "No HSDPA without Web 'n' Walk Plus". Two techs looked at the 'HSDPA' on my account and didn't know why it didn't work when it had been 'enabled'. The third tech had seen such a problem before and looked on another screen to see that it hadn't been 'activated'. Again, since antlane's getting the H, I'd first try other locations. antlane: if you are in the City, go out to Canary Wharf. I get between 500 and 1000 Kbps on dslreports speed test there when the H is showing. If that doesn't help, tell CS you have a tech detail question. Don't mention HSDPA to CS. They won't help. Get a tech to 'enable' AND 'activate' HSDPA if they can see it on your account. Richard
  2. In case you wondered what's involved... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_grid_array Richard
  3. rireed

    HSDPA speeds

    Thanks for confirming to me that Standard Web 'n' Walk gets the 'H'. 3G without the 'H' gets you up to 384 Kbps. I have a third-party bundle in which an extra feature called 'HSDPA' had to be 'enabled' and 'activated' by tech support before I got the 'H'. In the Web 'n' Walk plans this apparently happens automatically. I tested with DSLReports and got 679 Kbps once, so I know I'm in the 'up to 1.8 Mbps' data tariff as advertised by my eXpansys bundle. I expect throughput varies, but before I got the H I never got more than 350 or so. Without the H, the connection speed limits you, not any throughput cap. Web 'n' Walk Plus is another £12.50 pm on your calling plan, and you can get up to 7.2 Mbps _sometimes_, depending on the cell you're in. I don't know how the data servers might be limited or if they change with every call. 'Plus' also gets you streaming data, file sharing, phone-as-a-modem-for-your-laptop -- it's actually for mobile broadband. I haven't heard of T-Mo capping accounts that get the H any lower than 1.8 Mbps. Could you have run afoul of 'fair use'? Does T-mo even bother with 'fair use' on 1.8 Mbps? Richard
  4. This is fixed now. Feel a bit silly. My laptop was connected to work by our VPN. Outlook 2003 was configured to show the Exchange folders but delivery was left to the exchange folder, not my PC. This is fine and as intended. I was trying to configure the PPC to connect to Exchange. That would have required the VPN to run from my PPC. Everything worked when I configured ActiveSync just to sync to the PC folders, actually the Exchange data presented as PC folders. I should add that this is just for contacts and calendar. I leave email on the server. Richard
  5. I had mine the day after they posted phones in stock. If you pre-order they take details for the contract credit check so they can do it as soon as they have stock to send -- the check takes no time. They send the contract and the SIM with the phone for you to sign and return the contract to them within two weeks. The SIM works right away. I had a temporary number until my port from Orange happened. The only thing missing the day I got it was Internet settings, which I got from T-Mo CS. Should have been there, but mine was Smartphone Connect, which is a non-standard T-Mo plan. It turned out to be fine, but CS and tech support didn't know some of the details at first, causing some hassle. Richard
  6. New phone (ASUS P750). Employer no longer allows new USB devices, so tried syncing from home over our VPN. Outlook 2003 connects to Exchange server fine from my XP laptop. New phone has previously synced to Outlook 2003 on the laptop when off line -- I would bring calendar and contact updates to it using the old phone and then sync the new phone from that. I set up the ActiveSync phone connection to go to Exchange over the USB connection to the laptop. I know I have SSL right, because when I turn it off the server turns me down. The following is stopping me now: Connected: View Status Click on the link and see "Synchronization could not be completed. Try again later. Support code: 0x80072F7D I've tried three things I could google: - SSL on and off - Registry setting on the PC (don't know how on device): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\AllowLSP=DWORD:0 - Hard Reset I also switched off firewalls and fooled around with firewall and SSL settings on the VPN, but no change. Don't know if P750 will sync over WiFi, which was someone else's fix, forget which phone. Any ideas? Thanks, Richard
  7. I thought this ASUS P750 detail deserved some visibility. From posts by dudegalea and Amplificator on 3 April, I tried this on GPSSppc (http://www.gpss.tripoduk.com) and it works fine: COM5 57600 N,8,1 dudegalea mentioned 4800, but never mentioned a specific port beyond the Tom Tom 'GPS Port'. Amplificator mentioned COM2 and 4800. GPSSppc is strictly NMEA and won't work on 4800 on either COM2 or COM5. The setting above has to be manually entered. Some others can be detected automatically but not this one. 'gpsgate', an adapter program, works on COM2 and successfully runs GPSSppc on another 'virtual port' at 4800. Richard
  8. Try COM5 at 57600 N,8,1 NMEA format I just got this working today after looking at the 'ask Nedge' thread/page 7
  9. To add to the confusion, I just got a third-party T-Mobile bundle with HSDPA and that turned into a nightmare, just today resolved. See this thread: http://www.modaco.com/content/Pocket-PC-Ge...t-really-exist/ In short, HSDPA is a separate feature on their systems. The way the tech agents see it, it is available to be added on some plans and not on others. My bundle was from eXpansys when I bought my ASUS P750 (see the link to the bundle description in the thread above ), called "Smartphone Connect from/by T-Mobile". They have sold it for a number of PDA phones since November. Not sure of the future of this plan. I now often can't navigate to this bundle description page for ASUS P750. The T-Mobile techs see this bundle as "PDA Email Plan 12" (12 months). HSDPA was available, but no one knew how to turn it on! The people who set up my account didn't 'enable' it. A tech 'enabled' it on Thursday, but it didn't work. Just this morning, the third tech 'activated' the 'enabled' HSDPA feature and 'pushed it through'. Then it worked. It's a free feature, if it's available on your account to be enabled and activated and pushed through. In the whole sad process since Thursday, one of the techs discovered that if he added Web'n' Walk Plus, HSDPA worked, I didn't want to pay an extra £12.50 pm, so he took it off again. It appears that some of the packages they sell automatically do the three-stage process on HSDPA. Web 'n' Walk Plus is for using the phone as a modem from your laptop at up to 7.2 Mbps, a real broadband feature. You even get a free 'stick USB modem' if you buy the standalone version (no phone calls, just 7.2M broadband, £15 pm, 24 mo). Again, as an add-on feature to calling, this is £12.50 pm. If you have a Flext + Web 'n' Walk plan, you ought to have 1.8 Mbps. They may not have made the feature automatic for that plan (I'm new to T-Mo, so I don't know). If it doesn't work, don't talk to CS. Ask to speak to tech support about a technical detail. I nearly got into a fight with CS about "You can't get HSDPA without Web 'n' Walk!". Ask the tech if the HSDPA feature is available on your account. Make sure you get him/her to 'enable' and 'activate' it manually if it's there.. I don't think a third of the tech staff know about feature details that aren't automatically configured with some of the plans. This is one of them. Richard -------------------- quick edit -- Vodafone may be catching up here. It's very simple: you get a calling plan and pay £7.50 pm for the Mobile Internet Pack. Normally upt to 1.8 M, now 7.2 M in some post codes. The speeds are on the coverage page and nowhere else. Don't know how good coverage actually is. Went to T-Mo because they are known for data coverage.
  10. Thanks, looking into this. Right now, we download emails to a .pst on a corporate share. I always kept contacts and appointments in the same place, but I may be able to put them back on the server and access them by VPN. Richard
  11. This problem has been fixed by T-Mobile for now. Here's a link to a thread with the explanation: http://www.modaco.com/content/forum/267345...t-really-exist/ Thanks, Richard
  12. IT'S BEEN FIXED :( :( :( T-Mobile tech 'Lionel' found the problem. This was the third tech to see the 'enabled' HSDPA feature in the "PDA Email Plan 12' that implements eXpansys "Smartphone Connect by T-Mobile" bundle. The first two techs were distracted by this obvious ruse. 'Enabled' HSDPA must also be 'activated' and 'pushed through'. I right away got the 'H' on a page download. The only reason this happened was that I insisted on speaking to a tech today Saturday so I would know what plan to switch to on Monday. The Web 'n' Walk plans all handle the HSDPA feature automatically when they are set. Clearly, for bundles not including Web 'n' Walk (that has 1G data, mine only 100M) the HSDPA must be handled manually. Until Lionel, no one knew how. Whoever set up the plan didn't even 'enable' HSDPA. That was done Thursday. If someone doesn't screw up Monday, this will be fine. I'm just annoyed that I have to work all week-end to make up the time lost in front of my boss :( :D :( Richard
  13. It's getting closer -- I got a test, but no result :( More important: The problem has been identified. The bundle was missold. :( T-Mo tech support temporarily gave me "Web 'n' Walk Plus" on top of my bundle contract (sold for "HSDPA" and "up to 1.8 Mbps") and the problem was instantly fixed. For now, no one should buy eXpansys "Smartphone Connect from T-Mobile" if they expect HSDPA service for their HSDPA phone. It's possible this is a one-off, but I'm not optimistic. On the other hand, it's strange that eXpansys claim to have sold hundreds of these bundles since November 2007 and that I am the first to complain. I was only able to find one phone without HSDPA that they sold this bundle with. I will post updates as I find out more. Richard
  14. Dead on the money! :D Brian in T-Mo tech support enabled "Web 'n' Walk Plus" (costs an extra 12.50 pm) for free just today as a test. Instant 'H'. My advice to all is don't get the "Smartphone Connect from T-Mobile" bundle from eXpansys, which claims "HSDPA" and "up to 1.8 Mbps", unless this gets straightened out favourably. I will post updates. Richard
  15. Oh well, same story. I wouldn't have thought WM6 would have a crippled browser! Thanks anyway.
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