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  1. Thanks for the info. I think I'll leave it and see how it goes, sounds like it's not uncommon. Its good to be able to share these things, long live the forum. Thanks again you all.
  2. Thanks for that brblow, I'll have a look at some to see how they're put together, and start playing. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for that drblow. Followed the link and shedloads of stuff on plug ins. Didnt think of trying a search (so i'm a plonker), but looked at several posts and couldnt find much info. Will know to do a search now. Any idea about editing a skin with plug ins that is in hme format. Have tried thememaker but it cant open a file with plug ins in it. Once again thanks.
  4. Thanks for that Brody. The effect is quite prominent on mine, but you dont think I should get it looked at then?
  5. Have noticed that the screen on my SPV has a pattern of rainbow colours on it (quite faint but noticeable on white backgrounds, or if switched off) Seems ok otherwise, but should I get it looked at? Is it faulty? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Wow, like skins with plug ins, but how do you create them? Is there a 'simple' prog to let you do it, and can you edit ones that are built as .hme files, to change colours etc.? Do they slow the phone down? Sorry bout all the questions but would like to learn about these skins. Any info please guys.
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