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  1. Works like a charm on my i-mate SP5. A very, very usefull application, aspecially becouse the phone uses a standard mini-usb connections. Meaning, you can basically connect it anywhere. Just great!
  2. Wow, so this is really a O2 limitation? I have pay&go, and have been trying to GPRS working properly since I bought my SP5, but no luck. Started a few threads here, but no help. I thought that the phone for some reason wasn't "compatible" with O2 pay&go, but you are telling me that this is the case with every device? How the heck can O2 get away with this?
  3. I would like to know the same thing, and for the same reason. ;)
  4. The k750i doesn't run on symbian, it doesn't have an OS at all.
  5. I never stops to amaze me what quality issues phones can get away with, just for running Windows Mobile. Ever since I wanted a SP3, but never got it, since almost every singe one of them had a joystick that would simply fall off, I have read about this things, that people for some reason seem to accept. I am happy to actually not have a missaligned screen, but if I did, I would return it in a heart beat. People accepting these things are the reason for the WM devices generally being crappy when it comes to build quality. I just can't see the logic here. We have phones that are functionally superior to normal phones, yet our phones seem to be low, low budget, compared to the better "dumb" phones.
  6. Tried it on my SP5 (WM5, qvga) and it works great. Like mentioned, you need to make it check for selected notes when you bring the menu up, so that the Delete and Edit alternatives will be grayed out. Other than that, I am not really fond of how the program looks. I generally hate large, bold text, and the colors aren't that nice. (This is of course a personal opinion) I would preferred if it used system colors and font. That way, everyone would be happy, since they can setup the looks editing their homescreen settings. Layout wise, I would prefer a look like the sms inbox, aswell as when you are creating a new sms, for new notes.
  7. Wierd, WMP works fine for me. When I switch back to it using the task manager, it is still paused where I left it. I hope TCMP will get better for playing music. If they only used the large black area to simply show the mp3 info there, instead of craming it up in the bar where you can't see anything, it would be a whole lot user friendlier. Also, a visible volume level would be appriciated.
  8. TCMP does that, but it's not a great music player (as opposed to movie player). I'm using WMP, and when I want to stop listening, just pause the song and minimize the player. Works ok.
  9. Go into "Start -> Settings -> Profiles", select your NORMAL profile (or which ever you like to modify), press Menu and Edit. There, under "Ring type", you can set it to vibrate and ring. Your smartphone can indeed play mp3´s as ringtones.
  10. Enabling the backlight wouldn't be as great as playing a sound, but it would most definately be better that what we have now. I am hoping that when you see how much the backlight function will be appriciated, that you will come around about the sound part. (You could skip the "select file" part, for example, but play a sound file with a certain name in a certain place. I timer that every x minutes cecks if there are missed items can't be that hard to implement. :D) But enabling backligt when there are missed calls would be great aswell. It would perhaps drain the battery fast if you forget the phone at home for a few hours. What about making it flash? On for one second, off for one second? But that would require a timer too... :) I will look into detecting missed reminders.
  11. I'm nut sure how SMSnotify works, since my main concerns are missed calls and reminders. Automatic Keylock already gathers info about this, and believe it would be fairly easy maniac103 to just play a file every x minutes if there are missed events.
  12. maniac103, have you concidered add an option that would make the screensaver play asound file, for example every 2 minutes, if there are unread messages, missed calls or reminders? People are asking about this everywere and this feature is really needded. If you for example go to the bathroom while a reminder goes of, you are pretty much screwd. We can't be expected to pick up the phone all the time, just to see if an event has been missed. Same with messages. If you don't hear the initial alert, you wont know about it untill you pick the phone up. If you could include this function in your already must-have program, it would be... ehm, even more must-have. :) Seriously, this is one of the most missed functions in WM, and I am sure all users would just love this.
  13. Strange, when I start writing a new message, and go into "Menu -> Message options", the option is checked (on) by default. This has probably to do with the "Request delivery notifications" option in general SMS settings. However, with both option enabled, I still don't get the delivery report. Nothing seems to be working right with O2 pay&go. :)
  14. So sonce I never get the notification, even though the option is turned on in my phone, the problem must be with my operator. Thats why I am wondering if this works for anyone else (to exclude the possibility of this being a device related problem).
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