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  1. Immaculate condition , factory reset 32gb iPad Pro plus accessories iPad Pro 9.7" 32gb Wi-fi/4g Rose Gold (4g EE) Genuine Apple Pencil with Cozy holder Genuine Apple iPad Pro Silicon Case Charcol Grey Genuine Apple iPad Pro Keyboard £300 Device has been reset and ready to setup for the new owner , includes RMSD.
  2. Liking the look of the Xiaomi Mi 4C , all their kit looks good :)
  3. I've taken some sample pictures on my Moto G , and uploaded them to G+ , I will add some more shortly from around Bath. Has anyone found any cases for the phone yet? Only ones I can find are the pull up tab pouches.
  4. The hudl. will be part of clubcard exchange so should be able to pick one up for £60 worth of clubcard points. Alternatively, if selling via tescodirect.com can get £10 off using code TDX-HF4K (seems the code is no longer valid)
  5. Hi all, I'm Gavin, huge Android fan, currently using a HTC OneX and a SGS Note II - love Modaco and the community as well!, Work in the IP Telecom industry. My most memorable drive was driving to France after passing my driving test without the aid of a satnav (expensive back then) or map! (silly really!). Managed to get lost on the roads around Calais and drive round a roundabout the wrong way (oops)!, but picked up plenty of freshly baked french bread and bree - that made it home safely. Since then, most driving has been in the UK and wont venture outside of it without being properly prepared!
  6. How odd - works fine here (Vodafone UK issued handset) Android Revolution HD
  7. Installed all OK, activated and $10 credited to my Google Prepaid card. Will go and visit somewhere at lunchtime and buy stuff.
  8. Tasty Pi Using HTC One X at the moment The Pi would love to live in the westcountry, would love to make it a central NAS server. Random Fact, I used to run pubs now I work in IT :)
  9. Various +3 checkin points today for world earth day /cc @foursquare_uk

  10. I thought easyjet staff had a hard job just watched 3 episodes of airwaves (tiger airlines au) everyone wanted a moan

  11. I'm watching Celebrity Juice (11 others checked-in) http://t.co/MpwJul6X @GetGlue #CelebrityJuice

  12. Pub quiz specialist round mobile phones 10 out of 10 #getin

  13. With the new look Spotify app for android I really really need to decide about signing up.

  14. Solution to my FOP2 issues , blast the config files and reinstall , all working ok #elastix #asterisk

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