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  1. inspectorgadjet

    touch pro with t-mobile (expansys)

    I'm on T-mobile. Got mine from them almost two weeks ago. I've had a few signal issues when I'm in remote areas. But it's fine most places. It's a very nice device.
  2. inspectorgadjet

    Do I like it or not? I dunno!

    I've had mine about a week....love it...love it....love it...it feels light to me compared to the Kaiser, and is only fractionally bigger than my SE K850i. Functionality is very good too....can't really complain about anything other than not being able to play my guitar hero mobile on it.
  3. inspectorgadjet

    Guitar Hero Mobile 3 released

    *sigh* Just got a Touch Pro to replace my Tytn II and it won't work on the Touch Pro. I tried installing it by selecting Touch Diamond on the list of devices thinking it was similar enough that the game would work, but no such luck. Any ideas?
  4. inspectorgadjet

    Guitar Hero Mobile 3 released

    Paul, that's what I'm saying...with the $15 one off option you get all fifteen songs and 3 songs a month for free. In the help of the application it says this:
  5. inspectorgadjet

    Guitar Hero Mobile 3 released

    I bought the $15 one and it's pretty kewl. I just exit the game after playing each song and copy the song to another location on my storage card and then when i copy it back when i want to play it. Although, the little grey star indicating that the song is downloaded hasn't gone off for any that I've copied back. Also, the subscription thing seems a bit of a rip off, because according to the help file on the $15 one I get the 3 songs free every month for no additional fee for a year anyway which will 'max' me out at 51 songs after a year. So why would anyone spend $4.49 per month which works out to $53.88 over a year when you can get all the songs for $15? Is there any other benefit I'm missing? Or are they just scamming people out of more more money by being misleading in the wording on their site?
  6. inspectorgadjet

    Windows Live displaying '30 day trial' prompts?

    I'm on O2 with an XDA Stellar and I don't get the message.
  7. inspectorgadjet

    HTC Advantage X7500

    You're actually mistaken Confucious. There is an official HTC Windows Mobile 6 update for the HTC Advantage X7500 on the HTC e-Club. You have to register your device in the HTC e-club and you will then be able to download the update. Perhaps you meant there is no official update for the rebranded version - T-mobile Ameo.
  8. inspectorgadjet

    Ameo connecting to a laptop

    I can give you a run down of what I do with my laptop. I have a Vista laptop running the MS bluetooth stack. 1. Pair the laptop with the Ameo. 2. On the Ameo, go to Start...Programs...Internet Sharing. 3. Choose Bluetooth PAN and the connection you wish to use and then click Connect. 4. On the laptop, click on Start...Connect To 5. Click Set up a connection or network. 6. Choose connect to a Bluetooth personal area network (PAN) and click Next. 7. Choose your Ameo from the list of devices and click Connect. That's it. You should now be able to successfully use the internet.
  9. inspectorgadjet

    Kaiser on Orange

    Has anyone else noticed that Power Up Mobile have changed their release date for the Vario III to OCTOBER 30th?
  10. inspectorgadjet

    Athena gets Windows Mobile 6!

    You are wrong. It is pretty much the same device without the front camera for video calling. It has the same amount of RAM and ROM according to the HTC web site.
  11. inspectorgadjet

    WM6 on the Athena

    Did you post that on here because you want people to donate money to get someone an Athena so they can get WM6 running on it? What's wrong with waiting for HTC to release the WM6 version that they announced would be available in June? It's not that long to wait now. A lot providers are going to release official legal versions of WM6 for the Athena anyway, so I don't think it's that necessary to be donating to someone to try and get an illegal version working on it.
  12. I don't know why but every now and then when I switch my Advantage back on to use it, it gets a weird extra status bar on the bottom that seems to be a mirror of the top but it's bigger and is blue. I've attached a picture of the status bar. Has anyone else been getting this? The only way to make it go away is usually a reset. You can't click on it or do anything else. Only once has it gone away by switching to standby and back on again.
  13. inspectorgadjet

    Do you like / are you gonna keep your Athena?

    Well, I couldn't help myself...as usual...and bought an Advantage last week. I really do like it, but it does have some things missing compared to my Tytn. The biggest thing for me is the lack of vibrate mode. I usually put my phone on vibrate in the office so it doesn't disturb everyone else. Also, I didn't even think about the fact that I would have to use the headset for calls at first and ended up having a call or two on speaker phone in the office which again was annoying cos I almost always forget my headset. I am now using it with my SonyEricsson HBH-DS970 and so far so good. Audio quality seems fine and call quality is good too. I did come up with an interesting problem when I used tweaks2k.net. I usually set it up so that my internet temporary files and mail and attachments get saved to my storage card. So I thought, with an 8GB Microdrive, I could do the same. However, when I reset my device, I think the Microdrive loaded too slowly so it created a new Folder called Microdrive in the main memory and put everything in there. When the Microdrive eventually loaded it was called Microdrive2 and obviously all of my programs installed on the Microdrive no longer worked. To fix it I had to reset the storage location for temporary files and mail in Tweaks2k.net and then delete the Microdrive folder. After another reset, the Microdrive was renamed back and my programs all worked again. But other than that, I think I'll definitely be keeping my new toy. I probably need to start looking at selling my jasjar and tytn now. These damn things are starting to cost me too much money now and buying a house has made my finances look a little less pretty than normal.
  14. inspectorgadjet

    Finish this pattern...

    It's not something silly like 6-12-25-3-9-22 is it? That would make the last three numbers 3 less than the first three and still keep the same sequence. Eg. 6 - 3 = 3, 12 - 3 = 9, 25 - 3 = 22
  15. inspectorgadjet

    HELP! Media Player is now ignoring my memory card.

    THANK YOU!!!! :D Deleting the MSMETADATA folder sorted it for me.

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