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  1. Interesting - it's definitely a thing - as to why it's not affecting everyone, would love to know what the defining factor is, and hopefully it's not that the owner is an idiot!
  2. Since the latest update no AUX cables work on my phone - headphones are fine, AUX cables to my phone...they don't exist. I've seen other people have had this issue - has anyone found a fix or workaround yet?
  3. Hmm, I did a full reset in the end - probably needed it anyway - works good!
  4. I'm getting the same thing - very annoying - have you managed to fix this? If so what were the steps - would rather not do a hard reset as will have to mess about with bus tickets and banking app. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I bought the SU6 as a stop gap but so far it's been mostly great - one annoyance is the volume button. Hell, I just want to turn the volume down not block all incoming calls! Is there any way to make th evolume button pop up the different volume levels such as ring volume, media, notification - had this on custom roms, liked it. Have you found this annoying, what have you done to fix it? Any ideas?
  6. Thanks NegativeOne. Hope other people with the same problem will find this thread.
  7. I thought it was risky because I just found the apk posted on a 3rd party site with no idea that it was the legit widget and not some crazy malicious app. Just installed as normal.
  8. Yes! Thanks Frankish, it's FIXED! I took a bit of a risky approach and found a copy of the motorola notification light widget apk on some crazy website, as it's been removed from the play store. Once I switched that on it's now working :) Phew! Great people on here, 2 probs fixed in 2 days.
  9. @NegativeOne Yes they're switched on. @Frankish - I did a restore from a google backup and I have considered whether that may be it as I can't think of what variables may cause such an issue. Unlocked - most people I know have unlocked their smart ultra! Mobile Carrier - this shouldn't make any difference at all Some weird app - uninstalled any less common ones Restore from backup - god knows what this does - I was just looking to restore apps but there's other settings it brings over. So - Frankish - are you thinking wipe and do no restore?
  10. Ok, it gets a little odder - low battery notification works, I get the circle pulsing blue - so there's no hardware issue here, but something is stopping any other type of notifications through. Is there any ADB magic that can be done to 'flush' the notification preferences - OK, I'm clutching at straws here but it's bugging me that these notifications aren't working. Just as a recap, this has been the case right out of the box, the notifications have never worked properly for me despite doing a full wipe.
  11. Wow, never thought i could do that on a chromebook - thanks, did the above and what do you know? it works! Cheers Paul.
  12. Thanks, will give that a go when I'm back from hols as only got the chromebook on the go at the moment. Strange it worked with my last phone with same sim card but maybe because this one is 4g?
  13. Sorry to report another bug (still can't get pulse notifications working). I also cannot tether. My devices pick up the wifi hotspot and connect fine but the internet doesn't work. In chrome I get DNS probe started and then I get an error 'no internet'. Anybody else have this issue? Any possible solutions? I use 'tesco mobile' if that makes any difference to anything! Thanks!
  14. Thanks Frankish, I have done a full reset and it still doesn't work. But the light definitely works as is solid when charging. Very odd.
  15. Did you have to install anything else such as lightflow, or should they work 'out of the box'? Really can't understand this. It's pretty much the only flaw I've experiences so far.
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