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  1. I run a certain WM6 ROM on my Hermes and use an 8Gb SDHC card with no problems. Coupled with the tiny USB reader that came with it, its the best phone memory/memory stick I've ever had!
  2. Another thing you could do - PocketMusic can be set to start playing at a certain time. find a song that you really hate (Crazy Frog or something), then set PocketMusic to wake you up by playing it really loudly. Make sure you put your phone on the otherside of the room though so you actually have to get up to turn it off, not just hit it very hard and go back to sleep!
  3. Well then, I wish you all the luck in the world!
  4. Yeah, except for the fact that I was on a "priority" upgrade list and was expecting a call as well. Kept ringing them and chasing and kept getting told I would DEFINITELY get a call when they were back in stock. Came on here one evening to find posts from people that day who had called upgrades and been allocated an M3100 straight away, ie, no waiting list. Called them at 8:30am the next day and got myself one. I hate to think how long I might have waited if I hadn't pestered them. The rule doesn't just got for O of course, any CS rep who claims that someone will call you back later or at "X" time is probably just clutching at straws to get you off the phone.
  5. You'll be bloody lucky to get it free from an O shop, they wanted
  6. Ring and pester them everyday (or as often as you can bring yourself to). Don't rely on getting a call back from them.
  7. I have a wired GPS receiver for my M2000. It doesn't drain the battery as it is powered from the in-car 12v socket, instead it actually charges the phone at the same time as powering the receiver! Only problem now is that the plug on the end is incompatible with my M3100 so it looks like a BT one is the only way to go.
  8. I've had problems with copying files from my 1Gb Toshiba Micro SD in the phone to my PC in that it gets about halfway and then drops the connection. I just put it down to Active Sync being absolutely shite. Other than that, its fine, though I haven't tried installing Tom Tom yet, I still use my M2000 for GPS as the screen is bigger.
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about build quality if I were you, they're fairly good in my experience. My original SPV lasted me a good 14 months or so before I sold it on ebay with only minor "wear and tear" damage (ie missing paint, dust under the screen etc). My E200 was even better and survived being dunked in a sink full of water and being thrown against a wall twice in quick succession by a crazy ex girlfriend. It did not however survive my attempts to take it apart and dry underneath the screen, but I'm pretty sure I snapped off some critical components in the process. I only had minor problems with my M2000, like the keyboard peeling away at the edges. I dropped it quite a few times and it hardly got a scratch! The only problem I forsee with the M3100 is the keyboard slider getting loose, but I guess it will depend on how much it is used.
  10. Same problem here. I've spoken to four or five CS people who had no idea about an unlimited tariff. Come December when my 3G free trial ends, I'm just going to stop using data all together until Orange get their act together.
  11. Huh, but no apologies to perfectly normal long haired people who take drugs and sleep with groupies? You just lost my respect Jimbo. :D
  12. Not odd. I wish now I didn't have OCD about biting my nails as the screen on my M3100 is filthy from trying to tap tiny buttons with my nail-less fingertips! Having the keyboard open AND the stylus out is just asking for trouble (ie dropping something, probably the heaviest thing).
  13. Had the same thing with mine. Registrations told me to leave it switched off for four hours or so. Balls to that I though, wanna play with my new toy! I just left it on and then after a few hours I noticed my original phone was saying "searching" so hit the reset button on the M3100, booted back up and got a signal almost immediately! Its just a shame that the 3G coverage in my area sucks balls. One bar if I'm lucky, GPRS only if I'm not.
  14. Had this problem myself yesterday. Boss wasn't pleased when South Park blasted out in the middle of the office. My "quick fix" was to soft reset the device and then load TCPMP without a video being loaded and then trial and error until I got a mode that worked. The RawFrameBuffer does indeed seem to be the best.
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