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  1. Hi, I've just taken the Vodafone upgrade to ICS and lost root. I tried re-rooting with super recovery, but get sending 'recovery' (5074 KB)... OKAY writing 'recovery'... FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) Cheers.
  2. Hi, love the theme. I can't download the add-ons from 4 shared; it just hangs when I click download. Cheers
  3. I have to copy all files to the Windows folder to install this theme. But, the OS won't let me do it. How can I get these files across ? thanks.
  4. I've just installed 1.5 onto my Windows 7 machine and I'm getting the same old error as post #9. I was going to uninstall it and try 1.3, but I can't find it in add/rremove programs! :(
  5. I use Facade for my home screen, so I would only be interested in this upgrade if it gets rid of the bloat and actually made the phone significantly faster. Does it ? Thanks.
  6. According to what I've seen on the net, this is supposed to be a configurable profile in expert mode, failing that there should be a program called sapsettings.exe in the windows folder. Now my V1415 doesn't have the profile, an expert mode or the program. I am thinking of getting a car kit that supports SAP, so has anyone got it to work with a Vox and if so, how can I get it working on my V1415 ? thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm due an upgrade with Vodafone shortly and I want to stay with them, as I have a good package. The thing is, they don't have much in the way of smartphones at the moment, so I'm looking at either the Diamond, the Omnia or the Experia. I've seen a lot of problems reported on here (battery life etc.) regarding the Diamond. A colleague at work says that the Omnia has a lot of problems (locking up). I haven't heard anything about the Experia. So, my question is, is the Diamond worth getting now? If not, has anyone any experience with the others ? Or, has Voadafone got another smartphone that I haven't spotted ? Cheers, Graham
  8. Memory map (Maptech) with Pocket navigator have marine maps available. I use their Ordnance Survey land maps on my S710 and they work fine; can't see any reason they wouldn't work on a 740.
  9. Doesn't appear to work over activesync. The test service isn't even active.
  10. Plays BBC Iplayer and Youtube out of the box, but no favourites ! B)
  11. Just tried it. The connection was a bit flaky. Tried the sound test and didn't get my message played back. Also, the sound came out of the speaker. Is it just me ?
  12. Paul thanks. That, as you say, seems to be quite a quick (and cheap) solution. I assume that each time I post to the server, I do a request at the same time and download any new data? Chucky thanks for the advice. Not much data will be held on the device and it's not something the users will be interested in (or should get at), so a local DB is probably OTT. The exchange server, I think will be more expensive both in purchase and running costs - something that I have to bear in mind. At the moment, I just need to set up a prototype as proof of concept, before embarking on a fully-blown app.
  13. As TT seem to have ditched the Smartphone (standard) market and every day their maps are becoming more out of date, I guess the time is approaching when a replacement option has to be considered. I had thought that Igo 8 was going to cover our sector, but no luck there. So, at the moment, what is the best replacement for TT; I don't want to go the fake cursor route. Thanks.
  14. Yes, I was heading towards the XML route. Not sure on the devices yet - probably WM5/6 smartphones. Users - in the tens Locations - various, but usually in towns. I'd like the data to be as up to date as possible, so I'm guesing Exchange server is out ? Won't that need AS ? (How extensible is Pocket Outlook anyway ?) cheers,
  15. Hi, I'm just starting into mobile programming and have a basic application that I want to write. The application I have in mind is this 1. a simple form to record a task, a start and end time. 2. the ability to store this data on the device 3. the ability to send/update this information to a server. 4. the ability to update the list of tasks from the server. That's it. The basic app is, I think, relatively straightforward, but I need advice on the following; How best to store the data on the device - text, xml, Database (oracle, MS, other). How to enable the reliable and safe exchange of data between multiple devices and server. Anything I haven't thought of. I shall be adding more to the app, as time goes by, but I think this foundation will be crucial to stability and future development. Thanks for all advice. Graham
  16. Nope, none of those. I finally managed to get it all copied across, plugging the reader directly into a usb port instead of using the hub. Technology eh ?
  17. Got a Sandisk 6Gb card with its own cardreader. I have tried copying my data from phone to cardreader in a USB slot phone to cardreader in another computer across the network cardreader to phone using Wm5torage copied my data to my PC, then PC to cardreader PC to phone using Wm5torage PC to phone using activesync ( that gives a different error; it gets halfway through a large file then says that it can't find it!) I have formatted the card in XP and in the phone I can copy a lot of files across one at a time, but there are certain files that refuse to go. I thought that they might be corrupted, but the application that uses them works fine. I'm at a dead-end now. thanks for any help you can offer. Graham
  18. Hi, I just copied some files from a Vista laptop, using WM5torage and now my start button has stopped doing anything. I can press it and it highlights, but nothing happens. Any ideas ? Thanks, Graham Never mind, a couple of soft resets have cured it.
  19. http://www.connectivetools.com/ctschedulerlt.html
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