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  1. here the dissasembly guide: http://www.box.net/public/4enzlr1l8c
  2. So today ive assembly my new lcd, is working fine!!! But now i have a problem, is there a possiblity to setting the speaker volume (during a call) to max with software or a registry editor? I dont no, but the left button is not going....it going up and down empty....i think during the dissasembly ive broken the the part of connection between the key and the card mother...I have not noticed it...
  3. :D :) im waiting for the new lcd, i hope then are going right after my riassembly..... Sorry, but im an italian user, and my english is not so good
  4. Hello, I have qtek a 8310 and modem wi-fi and would want to be annoying on Internet and msn using wi-fi and velocity ADSL. I make the pairing between modem and telephone but I do not succeed to make to work Internet explorer as...error site not found.... I must set up the cellular phone in order to be annoying like the PC? Excused thanks and if I do not know English well.... start-settings-connection-an then? thank you for answer where i must insert the same data on the telephone...ive insert on my home pc..?
  5. Yes i have it and its going good on my hi-fi! Sorry but my egnlish is not so good! 1) packaging length (cm) 10.5 width (cm) 9 height (cm) 1.5 gross weight (in gram/gramme) 20.5 blister number 43 When you buy many pieces so i think the shipping costs are not so expensive, but when you have interest i can ask ups for the shipping costs... the price for 1 adapter are 5 euro.
  6. i sell this headphone adapters.....but im from italy so the shipping costs are expensive i think....
  7. I have the qtek 8310 , i make a hard reset in the menu accessories, and hard reset after the key 1 2 3 4..... sorry, im italian, and my english is not so good mister
  8. i have 2 computer that i do active sync with my qtek8310 (alias sp5) , but i have also this problem: with 1 computer in work is working and that it ok! and the computer that i have in home when i starting the active sync 4.1 are shutting down s.... I have tryed to make the active syn with bluetooth and i have the same problem, the pc are going off instantley! But when i block the active sync i can browse normally the telefone etc with active sync icon, and no have problem. ...sorry my english is not better ;)
  9. Hi, im from Italy and sorry, my english is not good. I have the qtek 8310 and its very ok! Im selling my old nokia N70 and change it for the qtek. Im very happy this cellular phone is much better. Display,t9, software and the velocity etc are grate. Only the camera for a 1,3mp is not good. The nokia are better to shot photos...
  10. i have preoder my sp5 3 weeks ago, and today on the tracking field are signed , the sp5 is shipping to italy..... and 4 hours later..... he waiting the stock ( an error) :shock: :o :( so i must waiting other 2 weeks for my sp5 .......uffffffffffffff greetings from Italy
  11. Hello guys, sorry my english is not soo good, i hope you can understand me. I have only one question. I have odered the new imate sp5 with windows mobile 5, but this software is multilingual? the seller cannot anwer me on this question. The phones arrive next week in the shop, and then send it to me. its there the italian language? or wm5 is only in english? im an italian boy thank you for the answer
  12. also; version rom: operator: manufacturer: Microsoft: 4.21.14132.0 language: file system: 4.21.14132.0 so i think this version ive installed on my c500 is not old. thank you
  13. i think is "universal" update, or not? I can setup every language on my spv. So i think there are only 1 update for all the countrys. the telephone is buyed in the switzerland, and importet in italy, then there are unlocked for the italian operator. http://web.orange.co.uk/yourphone/spvc500/...l?id=sm_1137635 is this the link where i can update i think. Only question: i dont must update my telephone , is good working... thank you always for the nice answer!
  14. Dear Sir, i have a spvc500, and the rom are following: Windows mobile 2003 second edition. Version 4.21.1088 (build 14132) Radio: 1337.0.27_0.03.12 my little question, is this the latest rom for this telefone? Can i update the latest rom , or not, my telephone is sim locked and opened for the italian territory. Or when i update the rom, the telephone blocked for my sim? thanks much! My english is very bad, but this site is very interesting! Very good work for all the administrators! thank you for all!
  15. Thank you for the answer, but i have do it all that you say. I have copied this folders on my mini sd card: 2577, italia navigator map, system, tomtom. the programm start and is all ok, after the wizzard finished, the programm will found no maps. :cry:
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