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  1. I missed out on this deal with orange as they ran out of stock online, this morning I get an email saying its back in stock but now its back to £299 :( looks like I missed this one as well
  2. hi, does anyone have a copy of the build.prop for the kurio 7 as i didnt back mine up?t
  3. I too would like to swap my desire for a Nexus 1 My desire is 2 weeks old but is locked to orange but runs pauls custom ROM (see desire forum)
  4. Are HTC planning any more Smartphones (e.g. more like the HTC VOX)?
  5. Current Device: HTC Vox as a phone its great, I have tried many other phone since this came out but i always come back. Next Device: HTC S740 - I really like the smartphone software, I haven't really got on with touch screens.
  6. Nope i didn't but it was a very nice lady :D I have been with orange for a long time and i have considered moving many times but I have just stuck with them.
  7. I was on the phone to orange at 8:30 this morning and my Diamond will be here tomorrow and I got a great deal £30 a month (i got £5 off) 600 mins Unlimited txt Unlimited data only downside is a 18 month contract. I will post tomorroww with my first impressions and if it has orange software on.
  8. Check it out here http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_touch_diamond_...te-news-552.php
  9. Looks like I have to wait untill the 29th before I can upgrade. I have a quick question about the orange "unlimited" data plan, does this include the use of live messenger?
  10. Hi Guys i am thinking of getting a diamond but I would like to know if the orange version is any different from the HTC version. I am only asking as my vox was missing windows messenger on orange Thanks Karl
  11. lol 12345 nice1, yep that little noise of the achievement popping up is very addictive
  12. Thanks you your feedback, looks like i will be going with orange aswell, glad to here messenger is there ;) what kind of orange customisation is there, because on the E650 orange really did a bad job?
  13. Hi Guys I am thinking about getting a HTC touch but I have got a couple of questions. What is the text imput method like, can you use your thumbs ok or will I need to get the stylis out everytime? If i get an orange version will this limit the rom upgrades from HTC (improved software etc..) Thanks for any help guys
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