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  1. Not sure if this helps, my Vario II was perfect until I installed WiFi Companion, then screen alignment kept being lost within minutes. Removing the software didn't solve the problem, I therefore removed the screen protector and did a cold reset. Not a single problem since. From past experience I had problems with screen protectors.
  2. <_< I've been trying to connect to my VPN at home and have failed, I used to be able to connect using my o2 XDA Mini S, and the only thing that seems to have changed it the the phone opereator, now T-Mobile and the device MDA Vario II. I'm using the MDA as a modem, and can connect to the interent no problems at all, it just the VPN just keeps failing as if T-Mobile maybe blocking ports etc. Has anyone else had these problems, I'm trying to connect to a Draytek router. Regards
  3. Ok three questions, I'm experiencing problems with using my C550 with a Nokia BT handsfree kit, in that when I finish the call the C550 does not release the connection with the handsfree kit, therefore does not release the radio mute. I beleive this is a known problem, is there a fix for it? Related to the last question, what is the latest firmware available and will this fix my BT problem, does not have to be Orange firmware? Finally how well does the C550 integrate / work with the TomTom GO 500 & 700, what functionallity does or does not work. Many thanks
  4. Same here, there appears to be no way to downgrade, the reflashing all seems to work correctly, 100% Complete however the phone reboots and the Qtek ROM is still loaded. What I have noticed is that during the relashing, the status bar changes colour, at 2, 11 & 99% the staust bar changes from green to red and theres a delay.
  5. I have succesfully upgraded my C500 to run the Qtwk 8010 update, however I'm not happy with the clearview fonts and miss the Orange menu... My question, is how do I downgrade to any Orange rom, either the original V4.1.1.1 or the more recent leaked version? I have edited the NBF file, many times and the uppdate appears to work, the phone has a green % graph and reaches 100% and claims a succesful upgrade. However whenever the phone resets it has the Qtek logo screen and version number, the update does not seem to be applied. I have noticed that during the update, the update bar on the phone is green, then at 99% & 100% goes red and waits a little longer and then turns green again? Any ideas, is there a way of putting the nbf file on the mini SD card and reflashing it that way? Cheers
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