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  1. It goes one further than MS' own marketplace in that downloaded CABs can be installed to the memory card rather than the phone's memory. Hurrah!
  2. I used Nokia S40 phones up until my first Windows Mobile phone, a Motorola MPx200 back in 2002. Since then I've been through a succession of touch screen and non-touch screen WM phone right up to my current Touch Diamond, and the chain will likely continue to the HD2 when I upgrade in January. I was initally drawn to WinMo because of the pass through internet. In the days when mobile data was expensive and phones did not have built in WiFi, the ability to hook up to Activesync and use your PC's connection to load content off the web was invaluable. Obviously this has all changed now and ubiquitous 3.5G at reasonable prices means you never really need to hook the phone up to a PC. So what appeals to me now is that, like others here, I am familiar with the OS, know how to tweak it to my needs, and love the customizability. Multitasking is essential too (twitter and messenger are always on in the background), but the single most valuable asset of WM offers is its community of custom ROM chefs. I get bored of any gadget very rapidly, and new ROMs keep my phones fresh and up to date. I am still amazed that the MPx200 which ran Smartphone 2002 originally, can run WM6.1. The only other OS which interests me is Maemo as I have tinkered with it on the N800, and think it has a lot of potential. Will have to play with the N900 to see whether it is worth getting, but it has huge boots to fill.
  3. It was hilarious! It is interesting to see that when you think you are off air, the way you converse is still the same - apart from a few extra expletives of course. "F*****g awesome!" B) Another great podcast! Keep up the great work.
  4. With no increase in screen resolution over the Excalibur, the maple doesn't offer a huge advance, especially if it is still running 6.1. I am also awaiting the Centurion.
  5. I agree with the above, the main advantage of a netbook running WinMo being instant on and a longer battery life. The redfly combo is good, as is the i-mate Legionnaire/Warrior combo. With most phone screens now hitting WVGA, however, I would expect the netbook's screen to be at least XGA.
  6. Paul, did you get a chance to see the "Project Legionnaire" at the i-mate booth? This also looks quite interesting, even if it is a Pro phone. It is tinier even than my Touch Diamond, so they will have to have some significant finger optimizations (6.5?) if it is to be useable. ADVERT LINK REMOVED have a couple of pics: Edit: Hmm... Curiouser and curiouser. WMPoweruser is now reporting that the Legionnaire is So, what is the Warrior? Well they say it is So, something like the Redfly but even more integrated? The estimated price is Warrior $199, Legionnaire $500. More info at PocketLint. Including this very professional diagram:
  7. I love them all - the silver/white, gold/black, steel/grey - if only I could afford them all!
  8. the::unwired have a picture of their other possibly new phone, a credit card sized QWERTY running WM Standard (not Pro). Details are scanty though.
  9. I just wanted to say that I do listen to your podcasts, and I do find them useful and informative. I listen to a number of Windows Mobile orientated podcasts and must say that I find yours the only to give a British angle to the news. Most other podcasters are based in the continent or on the U.S. where the phone environment is very different. I am really interested in how Windows Mobile is expanding outside phones, especially in devices like the Touch HD, the Yota, the Advantage, the Mio MID device and the Toshiba TG01 which are designed more like internet tablets/netbooks than phones, and with Snapdragon and Tegra coming with 6.5 this year, and 7 the year after it looks like there is a lot to look forward to. This last podcast was a lit bit more rambling than your usual, much like my posts, but don't give up!
  10. Thank you Crafty! It works beautifully on my Touch Diamond. This of course begs the question why the beeb insists on releasing iPlayer mobile so slowly for other devices (where is the Nokia internet tablet app?), yet came out with the iPhone app within months of its release.
  11. I'm not sure about the McDonald's colour scheme, but the quality looks really great. I'm really keen on customizing my phones and this is the next logical step.
  12. There are unofficial drivers. I am using a Think Outside Bluetooth keyboard with my Diamond and my Trinity, both on 6.1.
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