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  1. I'm using Launcher Pro Plus v0.8.6 and my App drawer is instant
  2. I got mine from Carphone Warehouse yesterday, on a Voda contract, and it has no branding at all - no logos, no boot splash, no apps, not even bookmarks. It does have some useless junk, but I think it's HTC-installed junk, and there's an "Amazon MP3" link in the music player which must be some sort of sponsored thing.
  3. I'm running Oxygen 1.02 now. No issues so far - market and radio are fine Battery doesn't seem so good - I've used 9% by browsing for 40 min on 3G, previously drain would have been about half that
  4. Ahh feck. The Market download has stopped again. Interesting that I'd had Google calendar open on the laptop at the time, but it's not working since I closed that down and rebooted the phone. I'll give it some time and try an app download again, but I've just downloaded the Oxygen 1.02 ROM....
  5. Er, nothing deliberate... I went back to an R9 With Sense build, but without Sense/Rosie (if that makes sense... er, you know what I mean), then came back to this No Sense pre-bake. I had the echo before, but seems clear as a bell since re-flashing with this one. I don't think the No Sense (with A2SD without Modaco additions) pre-bake has a radio in it. Haven't checked TBH.
  6. Market issue May have the market issue solved, early days yet but what I did was: 1. On my laptop I changed back from GMail.com to Googlemail.com for that account 2. Wiped the handset (from the recovery menu, not sure if there's a difference) 3. Entered the primary account using the @googlemail.com address (e.g. [email protected]) - the phone still lists it as @gmail.com though So far it's survived 2 reboots, still able to download apps. Fingers crossed If you're thinking of trying this I'd suggest doing Step 1 and leaving it for a day for the system to catch up - another forum post somewhere said just restart the phone (don't need to wipe) so patience may save you a wipe. Echo I've also lost the echo on my line, I'm using the Really hoping this works out because I love this ROM.
  7. Cheers tonyyeb - did you re-wipe after changing back? I can't remove the default account without a wipe, and just adding the googlemail.com version hasn't fixed it. Just trying to avoid an unnecessary wipe...
  8. I've been doing some testing with the market-wont-download issue. I've managed to change the problem from the download icon disappearing almost immediately, to now getting a GTalk authentication failure (by adding the googlemail.com version of my primary GMail account to Accounts and Sync). My battery is about to die, but a couple of thoughts: 1. Did anyone else who has this Market issue change from googlemail to gmail recently? 2. There are some patchy reports of solutions to the Authentication Failure message. Not tried them yet...
  9. I'm trying an R9 ROM without Sense, to see if it solves the market-wont-download-apps issue [Edit] So far so good - still able to download from the Market
  10. I'm using one of Paul's pre-backed NO SENSE roms (I've tried WITH and WITHOUT the modaco additions and neither have the market working properly, IME) Trying out a launcher is a good tip. Personally I don't much like the default dialer - no dial-by-name support (unless I'm missing something) but who dials numbers these days? And I don't like the look of the Contacts as much, but it's faster which wins for me [Edit] So far so good. Re-flashed last night, Market worked. Rebooted the phone this morning (it was updating my album artwork overnight) and can still download.
  11. I've found my Desire to be noticeably faster without Sense, and the battery life somewhat improved. I charge overnight and tend to have 75%+ when I leave work, then I often charge in the car while listening to podcasts. I've not see an orange or red battery icon for quite a while. I've installed Launcher Pro Plus, which is excellent, and I don't have that many apps installed, and only 2-3 widgets. I too have not looked back, and would really recommend it. The only issue I have is that the pre-baked ROM I'm using won't download from the Market - Paul's working on that, and I can live with other sources for the time being. If you're a Plus member you can bake your own ROM, with whatever you want in it
  12. Update on the "market won't download" issue... I've tried ... with the With and Without MoDaCo Additions ROMs Re-flashing without a wipe Running the ASE market speed up script Clearing market data Wifi, 3G, 2G I can download from other sources, including apk files
  13. I know that I and one other person with the same issue have wiped, before and after flashing. It suggests to me it's a handset issue, rather than a market issue, but it's not a solution [Edit] I've also tried Clear Data for the Market app, using Wifi or 2g, trying immediately after a boot, Any other ideas? [Edit 2] I'm using the "No Modaco additions, With A2SD" version, so I'll try the "With Modaco additions, With A2SD" version, but what is everyone else using?
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