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  1. wildmanviper

    Custom Ringtones

    I transfer the ringtones to the sounds directory of your phone, not your sd card, then I go to file manager, select all and move to the sd card, it then builds a reference somehow and knows where to look for the custom tones on the sd card. Hope that this helps
  2. wildmanviper

    Phone Shuts Down After Charging

    Before you swap, take the sd card out and charge it, might be something associated with the card and thats why the phone is shutting off...I suggest to try and leave the card out of the phone, charge it overnight and see if it turns off. If not, chunk the sd card for a new one, if so, trade it.
  3. wildmanviper

    caller id- and ROM 1.30 to 1.43 upgrade

    Backup your stuff using sprite or another comparable program. Hard Reset the phone and then try flashing. Hope that this helps.
  4. wildmanviper

    The camera sucks!

    I agree with zero, digital cameras are a dime a dozen now-a-days and you cant expect a camera phone to do both jobs great when its primary purpose is to be able to make phone calls and talk. I hear that the new Sony Cybershot 12 megapixel camera is under 400 bucks, not bad for almost 4X the amount of pixels compared to last years model.
  5. wildmanviper

    MP3 ringtone problems on MPx220

    I just change the format of the files using a number of programs out there for free downloads
  6. wildmanviper

    Mpx 200 flash

    This is just a suggestion, but you might find more answers in the MPX200 forums, since thats the phone that you are talking about.
  7. wildmanviper

    ROM 3.45

    I havent the slightest idea, I think thats why I stay with the motorola roms instead of european and asian roms. They just seem more stable.
  8. wildmanviper

    SMT5600 vs MPX220

    How about the camera and video quality? Is it any better? And the volume issue with in call sound and ringtones?
  9. wildmanviper

    How do i make my number private?

    I believe that you go to start/settings/phone/caller id/ and change the provide my caller id to : no one
  10. wildmanviper

    What Firmware?

    I would say the 1.43 ROM from the manufacture Motorola. Nothing to add in extra to make the phone do what it was meant to do, talk on.
  11. wildmanviper

    I need a USB to power outlet converter

    try best buy or radio shack
  12. wildmanviper

    thin font

    this might help http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=656215
  13. wildmanviper

    Making the leap

    Its a quad band phone, should work anywhere, I find that when you are in the middle of a mountain in colorado, no signal, bummer since I have to walk 20 feet from the center to make a call, or just ride the elevator to the top and then use my phone.
  14. wildmanviper

    Multi Phone Unlock

    I dont believe so, they have to be matched with the serial and esn number of the phone to track where it was manufactured and obtain the correct unlock code. Call cingular one phone at a time, usually takes about 48 hours to do but its free and 99% of the time they give you a good one. Heard a couple of horror stories about phones trying to unlock too many times and now they are just paperweights. Good luck
  15. wildmanviper

    extlcd went haywire

    Someone else in here has the same problem. I havent read any fixes to them just yet but Ill keep an eye out for you.

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