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  1. I upgraded my router Dlink which has 802.11b/g protocol to Belkin N+ which has 802.11b/g/n. With my old router I don't have problem with my i780 detecting and connecting to the router. But when I upgraded to Belkin, my i780 can no longer detect the Wi-Fi. I tried to turn off the n protocol of Belkin and use only b/g and my i780 is able to detect the signal and connect. When I switch on again the Belkin n protocol, my i780 jus failed to detect the signal, it just simply display unavailable from the Wi-Fi settings. Looks like the i780 is confused in detecting the Wi-Fi signal with an n protocol enabled. All my other Wi-Fi devices works just fine. Anyone encountered this problem before? How to fix this?
  2. Awarner, thanks for answering my 2nd question. About the first question, is there a tweak so that the sound assigned to my SMS will play more than once?
  3. I got two problems with regards to SMS tone on my Voyager. First one is that, once I received an SMS, my phone rings but it wont snooze until i read the SMS. Is there a way to set it up so that it keep on playing the sound until I read the SMS? Second problem is that, since I have a wav file as my SMS tone which plays about 15 seconds, when I receive SMS, it will play this tone, so once I open the SMS received and read it, the sound still playing until it will finish it. Sometime, I have already read the SMS, and the tone is still playing. Is there a way to put the sound into stop once you read the message? Your technical advise is much appreciated, thank you.
  4. I got a different problem with my Voyager connected on my PC. Am using activesync 3.8. My PC detects the phone, and when I do try to copy a movie from PC to my storage card (movie file size=130Mb), at the middle of the copy/convert process, my phone disconnects from the PC. Usually my phone times out, using a USB connection. Is there a problem with the driver in my PC? Or this is a bug from Activesync 3.8. I didn't have this problem before when I had my Tanager and using Activesync 3.6 on same PC. Can anybody help me?
  5. Tried to follow on the procedure on how to set up the SMART GPRS and MMS available on their website. But for some reason on my WAP connection, none is available although I have set up Smart WAP GPRS already. Is this something do with the set up I just made?
  6. Ang galing ng procedure ni sir Mar! I just unloked my SAP. Good job! Now I have to work on my GPRS settings.
  7. Guys, thanks for the input. Considered Bragol's input and somehow it works, but it will not save those graphics. Anyway, came across this procedure, and I can't get it to run or sync the Mobile Fav to my SAP. Has anyone tried this procedure working? Or it will not work on the IE pocket on our SAP. Here it is: To save the map or driving directions to your Pocket PC 1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Create Mobile Favorite. 2. In the Name field, type a new name for the map or driving directions or use the default name. 3. Make sure the Update field is set to Do not schedule updates. 4. Click OK. The map or driving directions will be copied to your Pocket PC the next time you sync with your desktop. Viewing Maps or Driving Directions On Your Pocket PC 1. Start Internet Explorer on your Pocket PC. 2. Click the Favorites icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. 3. Click the name of the file that contains the map or driving directions. 4. In the Internet Explorer View menu, ensure that "Fit to Screen" is unchecked.
  8. Guys, has somebody tried downloading their mobile favorites of their internet explorer of their laptop or desktop to their SAP? Basically, is it possible to download the offline files of your internet explorer to your SAP? How. I would greatly appreciate if somebody can help me. Thank you.
  9. How about the case, that my laptop can send files thru IR to my SAP. but my SAP can not send files to my laptop. At the same time, I can not send small size pics to a 7210 cell phone. I've been using SE to send and receive these files. Any one can help? My ROM by the way is still 1.5. Does the old ROM version have something to do with it? Thanks in advance.
  10. just one thing that i noticed though, when i do charge my SAP at "off" state, it takes longer to fully charge compared when it is on "on" state... given that they came from the same battery charge level before charging... with this, i now charge my phone always at "on" state.
  11. you're right... i should have listened to you guys already... i installed and removed the apps after a week. at least, i have proven it for myself.
  12. When entering sites/url in SAP, does it matter if you use wsp or www?
  13. crashbash


    I got my joystick dome switch and metal pad replaced and repaired by Brightpoint for free. My SAP is just over a month. I didn't bothered to ask why it is free, the thing is its free! he he he I just had it repaired last Saturday.
  14. thanks for the info. after much reading and research from other forums here in modaco, I got it working.
  15. so i don't need to install it then, coz i have
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