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  1. oldSAP

    smarphone as webcam free

    i tried installing the cab on my SP and it said this is Ateksoft's webcamera plus
  2. oldSAP

    OS Remind Me v1.1

    Reminds you of Unread SMS or Missed Call Notifications. Intervals for the alert is at 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes. The cab file will install the application in your \Program Files\OS Remind Me\ folder Requirements: WM5 - WM6.1 PPC v1.1 changes: - fixed reminder not playing when backlight is off - changed UI - user can now change the reminder sound through the application menu Source: oldsap.blogspot.com OS_Remind_Me_v1.1.cab
  3. oldSAP

    OS Clean Calendar

    Freeware application to delete all your appointments and tasks. This will remove all your device's appointments and tasks. Requirements: WM5/WM6 Standard/Professional OS Home Page Download Here
  4. Features: * add/update a new number directly to your Contacts list. * messages are numbered so it is easier to copy/paste/save a particular message line * delete a message window * easily save the last message sent to a particular text file in your SD * paste a contact name and number from your Contacts list to your message box * smileys are now supported (although it is still limited) * sms group sending * individual sms tone for each contact * block unknown numbers' sms message * blacklist numbers for sms * incoming message tone volume is independent from the set system volume * sms sent counter * option to show/not show incoming sms in the Inbox. * call blocking with sms sending to VIP numbers More Here: http://oldsap.blogspot.com/2007/08/sms-cha...-excalibur.html
  5. Try this: http://oldsap.blogspot.com/2006/12/oldsap-...ware-spppc.html
  6. Try this: http://oldsap.blogspot.com/2007/01/oist-fr...smartphone.html
  7. Try this to send contact name and number thru sms http://oldsap.blogspot.com/2006/12/insert-...smartphone.html
  8. wow! i like the added options menu where we can set the snooze time, default volume and default sound. Also the "Name:" part of a new alarm is automatically highlighted so we can enter our alarm name immediately without having to delete the default "Alarm 1" title.
  9. Hi i might be able to help you. The problem is i dont use my phone to receive emails. I'd like to know the format of "FROM:" in your phone's email when you recaive one. is it the same as in sms account like this: "[email protected]" i need this info because im also a newbie and would like to get the exact email address part and compare it to your contacts list. ive made an application that has an individual sms tone for each contact in my list for my WM5 smartphone and your idea seems to be the same.
  10. the latest version works perfectly. no more set alarms that doesnt go off. The application launcher (where i used poweroff.exe) went off as scheduled. Thanks also for the TIPS sir!
  11. Thank you very much for updating the application. This is very very useful for me. i use it for reminders (lots of 'em) and to auto poweroff my device, and all of these in 1 app! :)
  12. thanks. the "browse" button is very helpful. few suggestions: 1. it would be nice to have the 'browse" button also for searching mp3 or wav files 2. the execute program option should also be able to search and use scripts, and other file types.
  13. Will be eagerly awaiting for the release :D
  14. how do you execute a program? when i choose "execute program", i cant enter a file path and there is nothing to choose from.

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