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  1. Hi guys. I had this, a hard reset got rid of it - I think it was batti causing the problem, as my whole phone went mental as soon as I installed it again (freezing up, glitching from screen to screen) and then went ok again when I removed it.
  2. I'm aware of that, but it seems stupid that I have to have two different email accounts. Why can't the outlook mail account also send and receive, and then sync those items with outlook when I next run activesync? It means that any messages sent from my gmail pop account don't get archived in my outlook 'sent items'. It seems a very backward, unnecessarily complicated way of doing things.
  3. I just had this problem too - will try removing agile messenger and see if it happens again.
  4. steering sideways for a second, can I turn on/use directpush with a gmail account? As for wifi, mine connected and worked the second I walked through the door. Which reminded me to secure the network!
  5. I just phoned up orange and had a whinge at them about my tariff, they offered me 120 free texts a month for life - added onto any free texts that come with any future contract I take up. Still no word on data though. I'm a little worried because every time I make a call, it says 'orange 3G' at the top. What's up with that?
  6. I've not had any luck with this issue yet, but I've found a neat alternative to using the start menu altogether. A program called right menu, which essentially gives you another start menu in the bottom right hand corner. It's fully configurable, which is exactly what I want. :D http://www.mycnknow.com/rightmenuen.htm
  7. Yeah, it works fine, thought TCPMP will chug a bit when playing back video if you have lots of programs open. Overall its fine though.
  8. Hi, I am trying to set up my email on my M3100. I have gmail on my home pc and am using Outlook 2002. I have syncronised the MDA with the pc and it has replicated all my outlook mail folders onto the phone. However, when I set up my email account on the phone it sets it up as a separate account within 'messaging' and the 'send/receive' option within Outlook Email on the phone is greyed out. I have tried to send a message but it just puts it in the outbox and doesn't send it ... what am I doing wrong?! I believe I had the same problem with my C600, and had to have two seperate accounts - one for viewing outlook mail and one for sending/receiving pop mail on the move. This can't be right surely?
  9. Hi guys, I received my m3100 today and I'm having fun with it so far. One thing that's bothering me is the start menu - it fills itself up with programs I don't want listed there (usually ones I have opened previously) and there doesn't seem to be anywhere to fix it. Is there a tweak, app or option that will enable me to fix the start menu programs, and stop it populating the menu with random programs? Secondly, I personally hate the 'giant icon' view when you go into programs or accessories. I want it to be a list of programs, with a small icon, in alphabetical order (which would make a lot more sense!) I had this same issue when I moved from my c550 to c600, and sorted it with a program at the time. However, I can't track it down (or find any info on my other issue) by searching. Can a kindly brain help me out? Thanks :D
  10. I've recently pulled this phone out of storage to try and fix for a friend (I got fed up and upgraded to a C600). The problem still exists, whereby I can use speakerphone mode and headset mode, but standard call mode is completely silent. Does anyone know if this uses two different speakers for the two? Hard reset hasn't helped. I replaced a cover a while ago, do you think I could have knocked something and stopped it from working? Any ideas would be really appreciated.
  11. I could kiss you! That worked a treat. Thanks a million - so simple I overlooked the idea :)
  12. I'd like to know a few good sites for accessing with my smartphone (SPV C600) - therefore sites aimed for use with smartphones would be better. I'm in the UK and I'd like things like TV listings, movie schedules... whatever really. Just cool sites for finding useful information quickly when I'm out and about. Any suggestions?
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