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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this out for me, its very helpful and I really appreciate your time. cheers, Luke
  2. luke_1975

    Application unlock?

    what is the email address I email to get the unlock tool?
  3. As per the instructions on the app-unlocking site, it says I can get something from Orange that will make it easier to app lock/unlock my c500? thanks, L
  4. This might sound stupid, but I need to find out the phone number for my C500 so I can register it with Orange. Is there way I can do this, I cannot make calls with it at the moment. thanks L
  5. I can't find the links or help to get me to the right pages, any help much appreciated. L
  6. hi, Newbie here...I've downloaded the files to unlock my spv500 (c500), you say it must be application-unlocked first? How do I go about application unlocking my phone? thanks L

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