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  1. yzbob

    ROM Update needed?

    hi, what rom did u upgrade to finally? i have the same specs as you posted and looking for the simplest way to get a decent rom on mine, i'm not a newbie to flashing roms but i am to this phone and dont really have the time to do all the background reading that i would normally do when i get a new phone. Im just looking for a relatively stock rom that works better than the one i've got whether its one of the ones from HTC, or one someone has cooked. i have the vodaphone rom but im on orange and the phone is unlocked. TLR Diamond ROM is the one i am leaning towards so far. thanks in advance bob
  2. qtek 9100 or cingular 8125? hi just wanted a few opinions on which to buy (8125 seems to be cheaper why is that?) i havent used either and wondered if there was any glaring advantages/disadvantages of either model? if anyone has any info to offer that would be great. currently i have xda2 with a custom rom so im ok with changing the rom to suit my needs. thanks bobby
  3. great find thanks for that has proved very useful for lots of staff at a school that will remain nameless :wink: thanks again
  4. yzbob

    Links available

    any chance you could post the demo on here cause i tried the link and it doesn't seem to work still.
  5. yzbob

    Still no ir soft??

    i presume you mean tv remote software? in which case i would agree that it would be excellent to have.
  6. yzbob

    Modaco Meeting

    i would like to say thanks to Paul and all those from MS who helped organise the event. And an equally big thankyou to all the people that donated software and prizes, the day was very well organised and well worth going. thanks everyone.
  7. yzbob

    Microsoft / MoDaCo Event - Please Register!

    i'll be up 4 meeting up before. i live in south east london so shouldnt be to difficult to get to kings x (apart form getting up, its been a loooong week). it looks like oneils is going to be the place. i'll be there bout 12 hopefully. imagine its not going to be 2 difficult to spot everyone cant imagine the'll be many tables in the pub covered in spv's :lol:
  8. kevlar does it still happen to u when using xbox skin or brushed 2 made by jay-z2k. these skins seem to wok ok for me. but i prefer a simple skin with just mru and sms indicator, anyone no of a simple skin with these features that doesn't display this problem. p.s how do u find out how many posts you've made i recon my status should be changing soon?
  9. well last night i did a speed test around 9pm and was always getting between 40 and 60kbs i then did the upgrade and 20mins later im getting between 20 and 35kbs this is definitely the upgrade causing this. grrr :evil:
  10. have you tried the original home screens or home screens made by jay-z2k, i found that they worked ok. but i would like for all the home screens to work. i suppose it must be a problem in the xml of the home screens? maybe jay-z2k could shed some light on the situation as he seems to be able to write home screens that don't display this problem. what daya say J?
  11. actually the only home screens that seem to work for me are the ones made by jz2k, or the original ones the others that i have tried so far dont work properly on my phone
  12. i discovered just after posting that it only happens with 1 home screen if i change to another home screen the problem is resolved. im using smart osx does anyone know how i can fix the home screen so this is resolved? (i'm completely crap when it comes to xml but maybe someone could edit it for me or post instructions) thanks for any replies any help would be much appreciated
  13. i have just re formatted my programs menu and mru bar but, for some reason i can't get the picture to display for any non standard apps when i 1st switch the phone on (msn icon and ie icon show no problem) but smartexplorer or pocketmvp dont show their correct picture until i open a program and it shuffles everything along 1 place. i have been searching all mornig as i thought this came up a few months back but i have read all the mru posts (i think) and doesnt have the specific answer. my old spv used to do this on occasion when booted up but not all the time, anyone got a fix. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ cant wait till i finally get the phone as i like it and back up the ipsm :)
  14. i just recieved my 2nd replacement handset from orange (1st died, 2nd had dust under screen) i didnt save my ispm from the previous phone because it had some problems installing programs that had previously been uninstalled. what im wondering now is... should i spend a few hours getting the phone back to the way i had it, then backup the ispm and do the uk update then apply the backup so the phone is still app unlocked. or should i run the update then get the phone back to the way i want it? either way im going to back it up once the whole proccess is finished so i never need to go through all this again! until next time!!! :roll:
  15. yzbob


    yes very helpful, i would love a guide for that matrix trailer the quality is amazing :shock: i had a brief try at using 1 of the guides on here cant remeber which 1 and not sure if it was for the same version of virtual dub but i blatently got it wrong as the file was too big and it didnt work. found some steps in the instructions were missing. i managed to fill in some of the gaps but not all. i used virtual dub and i am not overly familiar with the program but could follow instructions as long as there are no huge gaps and the guide mentions the version of the program. thanks

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