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  1. I want to install a custom Rom, but have read that the Cyanogen Rom (from the link in this forum) has issues with GPS and other stuff. Whats the latest version with all the fixes and is it in English? Thanks
  2. is this the version with GPS and why is it named differently (Smart)?
  3. It was purchased online so I can return it to any Currys under the distance selling regulation within 7 working days and I'm not required to explain why except that I'm not satisfied. I don't expect any problems.
  4. Thanks, will give the above a go when I get home. If I didn't have the awesome Galaxy S, I'd be more than happy with the Vega. Maybe when Tegra/Advent provide full multi media support and apps increase tablet support, I'll give it another go.
  5. I so wanted to like the Vega and tried the various Roms, but to be honest it does not do anything that my Galaxy S (Darkys Rom) can't do and converting 720p MKV's is a pain, but the final deciding factor is the volume of apps that don't run on the Vega (like MX Mayhem). I'll be returning it to Currys and need to know how I can wipe everything and return it to stock (out the box) Vega? Thanks
  6. Hardz

    mux 720p ?

    Has everyone given up finding a "conversion free" way to use the Vega as a full blown media player then ?
  7. Hardz

    mux 720p ?

    Finally took the plunge and ordered the Vega but was mortified to later read that it can't play 720p MKV's Have read everywhere that the Vega can't handle 720p MKV's, without re-encoding, and everyone points to conversion software, which in this day and age is a complete waste of time and electricity. I've done a search but nobody has definitively pointed to one piece of software (without recode). Is there a program that will quickly re-mux 720p MKV's (with subtitles) to something the Vega can play and what setting is required? If an MKV film can be muxed in, say, 10 odd minutes on an average PC, then the Vega will be a useful portable, large screen Android powered media player ( which is what I'm looking for ). Have a Galaxy S that handles the 720p MKV files just fine (so it can't be an Android issue for the Vega not playing them), but the screen size is not ideal for movie viewing (hence the Vega purchase). Thanks guys.
  8. Yep, I did that before I posted. That's why I can't understand why it does that. I have found a solution however, I just installed, "pocket power manager" which switches off the screen but WiFi is still on. Must say, the Omnia WiFi range and stability is rubbish. Is this a hardware limitation or a software problem? My partner has an Ipod Touch that connects and stays connected to the same wifi router, but the Omnia has problems.
  9. Whenever the screen goes off, the WiFi also cuts out. How can I stop this ? I would like to listen to internet radio using WiFi but with the screen off. Thanks
  10. Is the £10 off £20 at Expansy voucher deal still active ? The Modaco/voucher page says valid till 31 Nov 2008 but when I try to use the voucher at Expansy, it says "voucher invalid".
  11. I have the same problem even though it says "promo ends 30 November". Expansy didn't reply to my email regarding this problem.
  12. The tv cable for a U900 is about £23 delivered on ebay. Anyone seen it for less ?
  13. So, has anyone seen this cable for sale in the Uk ? If not, what the cheapest option to get the Omnia tv-out cable ? Thanks
  14. Is it clear and readable when browsing on a big sceen tv ?
  15. Before I decide to get the Samsung Omnia, could anyone confirm if it's possible to browse the web on a big screen LCD or Plasma using the TV out cable ? Same question for Coreplayer. Thanks.
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