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  1. where exactly in his post did he say it was an 'official blog'? The video is the official Samsung launch trailer
  2. Surprised you actually managed to speak to them. Took me 2 days to get through to someone on the phone (note: I wasn't on hold for 2 days :( ) yeah, it'll probably come with HJ4 on it like mine. I instantly upgraded to Taril's DXIA2 (then to DXIA5).
  3. SBE are bloody useless! If they can get out of repairing a phone, they will. I sent my phone to them as it was errr....dead. It took them 3 weeks to decide to look at it, then they tried to fob me off, sent the phone back unrepaired and saying it was 'out-of-warranty' and 'beyond economical repair' as the phones PinLock had been changed and I'd needed to contant the network that supplied the phone to get it unlocked. After explaining the phone wasn't supplied by any phone network and complaining a bit to Samsung, they informed me that the phone was 'sent back to me in error' due to a system glitch. It took them a further 3 weeks to change to system board on it. My phone still has 8 months warranty on it and I'd never get it repaired via Samsung, I'd prefer to pay the insurance excess of £25 and get it replaced.
  4. There IS no 'monahans' driver. You've bricked your phone, you'll need to get it repaired (needs a new system board).
  5. My Omnia running Tarils DXIA2 rom using a modified Torx Development WAD2 iPhone skin and a few custom icons: Not the most interesting of screens but it does the job :(
  6. Do you even know how they spell their own country? :(
  7. Nice. Got the changelog? Any new bugfixes we should know about?
  8. Hard reseting doesn't make any difference, upgrade to DXHI1 and your battery should perform as it should. Mine did.
  9. what a lovely person you are, I bet your mother is proud :lol: you should appreciate what secany is doing for the community
  10. Funnily enough, I was thinking last night if there was an application like this ;) I'm gonna give this a try tonight, seems like it'll do the trick. Awesome work :wacko:
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