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  1. hooded

    HTC S710 (Vox) Smartphone revealed!

    Boygeniusreports is actually one of the most reliable sources of smartphone information on the internet. The site often has full specs on phones or even actual phones months before anyone else. I doubt its a hoax, but its odd that there is no dpad
  2. hooded

    Paul Reviews... the Orange SPV M3100

    Yeah I agree. Its a big enough device that there would be room for the traditional 3.5 mm socket. It must cost more to have 1 custom socket than 2 standard ones. There must have been some reason they went through so much extra work to design a new connector. It might simply be the same reason every other phone comany has proprietary connectors: to extract extra money from the customers on accessories. I would say that it would be unlike HTC to do this, but then again they were always an OEM manufacturer and wouldn't have gotten the benefit of expensive proprietary accessories. Now though.... who knows?
  3. hooded

    Paul Reviews... the Orange SPV M3100

    Paul could you comment on the A2DP on this device? That is of course if you have any bluetooth headphones laying around. I'm very curious about the performance of this as it could make the proprietary USB headphone port more excusable.
  4. hooded

    Right, its august where is it

    You guys in Europe are still lucky. Here in the states no carrier has even officially announced they're going to have the Hermes. Though there are rumours it will drop before the end of the year, but they're hard to believe. Supposedly we're going to get the Star trek next week, but thats simply no substitution for 3G and a 400 mhz cpu. Part of me is tempted to import one, but I haven't seen one for less than 800 USD. At that price I might as well just get a laptop. Good luck to all of you. I hope you get yours soon so that I can drool over pictures and descriptions of it.
  5. So I've successfully setup my wm2003 smartphone to check my gmail. It will pull down any new email. My main is that when I then go home to check my email (again through pop3) The messages I got on my phone do not get downloaded. So I assume whats happening is that my phone's email client is telling the server to mark any email thats been downloaded as downloaded. Is there any way around this? I suppose some form of syncing could work, but it seems like any mail I have on my computer would sync to the outlook folder on my phone rather than the pop folder and vice versa. Help would be very appreciated. BTW I have a SMT5600
  6. For those of you who have it (or those who've read the specs mroe closely than me) any idea on whether this thing has A2DP support? I suppose probably not since it doesn't have BT2.0, but I would love confirmation.
  7. I presume from your username that you're from new york. The only carriers that the smt5600 will work on are cingular and tmobile. I got the 5600 (using tmobile) in the beginning of the summer and I've been really happy. The internet acess is a bit slow but it met my expectations. I did kick myself a bit when i read this: http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000760055970/ The tornado is the next generation of the smt 5600. The main difference is that it has built in 802.11 and a higher res screen. If you can hold off a month i'd get that phone especially if you're looking to get a contract with tmobile since that will probably lob 100 dollars off or so.
  8. I'm using an SMT 5600 with a one gig minSD card. I've been having an issue where after I connect my phone to the computer (over USB) it randomly disconects. I say random because I can't figure out whats causing it. Its not like its some timeout thing, because the time it takes to disconnect is inconsistant. Sometiems its 10 minutes other times 1 minute. Activesyc shows the phone as disconnected and i can't access it through windows explorer. It has become exceptionally annoying because it interrupts any transfer I have going. Because the transfer rate is so horribly slow through the phone I usually only have time to get one or two songs transfered and movies are out of the question. Is this some setting that can be changed? Is it a USB issue? Also is there anyway to speed up the transfer rate through the phone. I'm only using USB 1.1 but it should be able to go faster than 60 KBps.
  9. I just got a SMT 5600 unlocked and have been having an issue where the devices automatically goes back to the main windows mobile home screen. This thankfully doesn't occur when using beta player, but pretty much for everything else. Anyone know what might be causing this. Sorry if this has already been answered, I did try searching for it, but I wasn't able to find anything.

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