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  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this question, but it seems to be a general question. Rooted and non-rooted Android phones. Which is my Xperia Ray, or could it be either? And which is best?
  2. No, my passwords are all under relevent names in contacts.
  3. Thank you for the reply, but I don't need to edit documents. Just read the documents or notes that i have previously saved. At the moment I have to be online to see the documents.
  4. Is there a way to save Google Documents on my Sony Xperia so that I can view them even if I don't have internet connection?
  5. I thought that was the best wat to go, but what about the security of passwords etc? If I add up the sites, including bank, credit cards, web sites, online shops, utilities etc. I must have thirty plus usernames, pin-numbers & passwords that I keep in my phone. Do you trust your information being on Google?
  6. Hi I've just got my first Android phone, the Xperia Ray. I have used Google's contacts and calendar to sync my data. It works well. But I am a bit concerned about my information, which includes passwords etc. out there in the clouds. What is the best and safest way to sync Android contacts and calendar details? :)
  7. I've had a symbian for a while now and am thinking of returning to Windows mobile, but I am a bit out of touch. What is the lightest and new or soon to be released windows mobile? Also does WM phones come with the latest version of outlook?
  8. I have been waiting for 5 months for HTc and Orange to come up with a decent replacement/upgrade for my c600. I previously had a c500 and a c550 so I have been loyal to both companies. I have come to the conclusion that HTC have abandoned the real Smartphone users. As I have said in previous threads smartphones should be 'phone like in shape and light. One thing with Nokia is that they cater for ALL in their phone range and the latest S60 Symbian 3rd series with pack 1 takes some beating. Look what I got today, the smallest lightest smartphone in the world and the spec. is light years ahead of what HTC can offer. http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/reviews/ite...ssic_Review.php When WM smartphones can catch up with Symbian I will consider changing back, if I am not hooked by than. example...The touch has 65,536 colors, the Nokia 6120 classic has 16 millions.
  9. This looks like the ideal smartphone for someone that does not enter much text from the phone but wants to carry a lot of information around....................like me. I had a c600 and have complained on other threads about how we have been let down by HTC and Orange over the last year because the weight of their WM phones seem to be getting heavier, due to the addition of full qwerty key boards that not everyone wants. The Elf seems ideal. Lets hope it gets a good and Positive review and not one suggesting that it is not easy to imput text with only a stylus. That is the idea of the phone, to keep it small and light for us users who want that sort of thing. If you are not bothered about 'light' then you have plenty of choise with other models of WM phones/pda's, leave the Elf to those who have been waiting for something like this. Lets hope that Elf 2 does does not aquire a slide out key pad like the vox. EDIT; Ps. What is the screen like in sunlight?
  10. ..............means it looks like our dutch members will now be severely restricted in their choice of Windows Mobile devices that are on available to them, after previously having a broad range of devices available to them from Orange. Much the same as us in the UK with Orange, we have been and still are severely restricted.
  11. Even Orange seem to embarrassed to admit the correct weight ;) http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset...v_e650/features
  12. Yes, it has qwerty keys but there are two letters per button, so only half the amount of keys, it works well. No camera, but the new M600i will have. Weight is only 112grams and its 3g and has a landscape option and a lot more software as standard.
  13. I've had both the c550 and the c600. The c600 is the better phone but both are now old and we should be looking at the c700; but there ain't one. A lot of c600's have a joystick fault. After a while it does not scroll very well.
  14. Having been loyal to Orange and Windows Mobile Smartphones for over three years and now feel let down from the lack of light Smartphones, I have been looking at Symbiam. While Nokia, SE, Blackberry, Samsung and others have been making there phones lighter Wm smartphones have been putting on weight. I have been using the SE M600i for a month now and it is really good, much more features than a WM Smartphone. So there is life after WM.
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