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  1. Hi all, After playing around with the San fran I didn't get as far as rooting, just unlocked it so far. The device is amazing! I can't believe how good the screen is and how responsive it is (was expecting it to be slow and clunky at 600mhz). I had some wifi drop outs but seems to remain connected now. As I've not had a chance to play around with ROMs I don't know if this is fixed with a custom rom but I am unable to add an email address in the stock email client. It looks like it's orange specific. I have gmail setup but I have a hotmail account which I'd like to add. Is there anyway of using the email client (it says the number in invalid, I'm assuming it's looking for an orange number but I have an o2 sim).
  2. Hi, by debrand do you mean put a custom ROM or manually remove orange bits?
  3. I actually managed to use the Orange Wednesday app on my iphone (of course you need an orange account). My dad has a payg orange sim and i use his details on my iphone to generate the codes. Im just thinking, its Wednesday tomorrow...... :)
  4. I was thinking of running the ROM which it came with. Is there any advantages of keeping the existing ROM? I probably would use Orange Wednesdays but thats about it. I read on the forum how people were using Titanium backup (or something like that) to manually uninstall some of the orange bits which were not needed. Is it worth going down that route?
  5. Hi all, I am getting my San Fran tonight (hopefully in the next few hours) and I thought I would post up my experiences once i get it. I bought the device for my sister as her phone broke BUT as it was her birthday i am going to give her my Iphone 4 and keep the san fran (being the nice brother that I am). I owned a HTC Hero for a while but then moved over to the Iphone 4. My Iphone 4 is jailbroken but im finding i dont use the apps (or need them for that matter) and for the price of the san fran it was a steal! My knowledge of android is quite limited now, so i suspect I will be using this forum a lot more to get upto speed. I am on O2 so first thing is to unlock, then I suspect I will need the O2 internet settings (Ive seen that posted on the forum somewhere). In terms of ROOTING the device, I take it i need this in order to run unsigned code, i remember at the time of owning the HTC Hero i used ROOTING to install Wifi tethering. Primary use of the device will be phone, email, calender (gmail and exchange). Any tips of tricks would be greatly appreciated :)
  6. thanks Andy! I was under the impression that the 2.1 ROM you mentioned was the Asian ROM. Does everything work as its suppose to? I heard that some of the IM/social network connections are specific to asia
  7. Hi all, I'm very new to android and I bought my htc hero which was already rooted. Now that 2.1 is out, can I install a rooted version of the 2.1 rom onto my device or would I need additonal things in order install a rooted 2.1 rom? Am I right in thinking that the only offial 2.1 roms out at the moment is the Asian rom? I'm really keen on reeping the benefits of 2.1 but want to make sure I don't screw up my device! Thanks C
  8. Hello all, long time apple iPhone user (well since the 3gs) I decided to give android a go and bought a htc hero. I must admit I am very impressed with android, the widget based interface is brilliant compaired to the icon based approach that apple have. I intend to fully migrate to android (seen the light so to speak) however in order to do this I need to take three main aspects and find them on android 1. Keyboard: the apple iPhone keyboard is much better then the Heros, the main problem I have with heros keyboard is the tiny spacebar. I always end up hitting the . Button. I currently have shapewriter which is a fun way of inputting but does anybody recommend another keyboard? Even the default hero keyboard with a longer spacebar would be great. 2. Browser: I do 90% of my Internet browsing from my iPhone, heros browser is quite good but I'm finding it a little difficult to move around however once loaded up the page moves around extremely fast. Does anybody have recommendation for browers? 3. Music: I haven't really looked at music just yet, I figured I wouldn't invest in a 32gb memory card just yet but any tips relating to the music player itself would be great. Much appreciated -c
  9. i hate that you are forced to buy a £10 top up :rolleyes:
  10. Thanks Paul, I like the idea of having a budget Android phone as a way of getting into the Android scene :rolleyes: Hopefully once you figure out the wifi tethering it should be perfect
  11. Thanks for trying this guys, do you think the Source will be avaliable anytime soon? Currently I am using a nokia E90 which is doing the job but it's really big to carry around.
  12. Hi all, I am considering getting a Pulse Mini. I am looking for a cheap device which this is but i am worried about the small keyboard. How difficult is it to type on this device? I wouldnt be using it for internet browsing, mainly for text messages and ideally creating a wifi hotspot (i created another forum post regarding that). I like the idea of getting a cheap Android device but if its impossible to type without the stylus and create a wifi hotspot (for my ipod to get internet access on the go) then it might be a deal breaker. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -c
  13. Hi all, Im thinking of getting the HTC Pulse Mini as its a cheap way to get into Android, however i was wondering whether there are any Android apps which will allow me to use my phone data to create a wifi hotspot so that my ipod can connect to it?
  14. im currently doing this mainly to pay for web n walk. At present i have two uploads: Nov 2007 Oct 2007 I instantly received an email saying i would receive £15 but still not received anything yet. Even if M:Panel dont pay out i might still keep web n walk as its really good (emails, weather update, facebook etc etc etc)
  15. ok changed the settings but im not sure where exactly this imap setting is <_
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