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  1. Marco, did you manage to do something about it? From what you wrote it seems that this particular imate ROM can cause this. Do you think that swithing to Qtek or WM6 rom could help?
  2. Thanks Phil, I'll try it in few days. Another thing though: I encountered this strange behaviour 3 times during 6 months of usage: Phone charged (let's say 70%), working. Suddenly the battery dies. Completely. 0%. Phone off. Without any warning. With WiFi and BT off, phone sitting in my pocket. It won't even charge when I connect it throught the USB to my PC. It charges only when connected to a wall charger. After charging everything is fine for some time... Any ideas?
  3. Hi I've got Vodafone v1240 with imate SP5 rom (OS 5.1.195, AKU2). Everything is fine for first few days after turning on the phone. After few days when I take the phone from my pocket and press Start key the error appears: "MSC:Start not found". When I press numpad key error "MSC:Dial not found" appears. Basically, pressing any key generates full screen error of that kind. The only thing I can do is to restart the phone. After that everything is fine for next few days. My autorun apps are: - DontForget - SmartFilter (not sure if it's starting, seems disabled in app settings) I haven't tried hard reset but it seems to me a waste of time and data if the problem is somewhere else. I will finally try it if all alternative solutions fail. Anyone can help?
  4. Dave, your solution didn't work for me. Phone keeps starting in three-color mode. I tried to reflash it with different ROMs five times. No luck. Anybody has other solutions, or could help somehow? Best regards, RaiN.
  5. @macznik: thanks for defense :) i don't care so much and i wouldn't take part in discussion with those two. But there are also people who want to help. One of them is dave106 who provided me a guide and now i'm gonna test it. BTW, macznik: i think we met another place :D Best regards, RaiN.
  6. My WM5 is working,it's not broken. But the fact is that i want still have the choice to switch between WM2003SE and WM5.
  7. Anyone achieved the downgrade from WM5 to WM2003SE without having sd image? Because i forgot to do the backup and i'm just wondering if there is any (tested) solution to downgrade my SPV C500's operating system.
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