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  1. Hi all, I'm having issues installing an update. I've followed this guide and another to a T and still having issues with the software itself. For example; ROM Manager v4.0.0.6 gives me - An error occured while attempting to run privileged commands! Recovery Manager gives me - SORRY - The application Recovery Manager (process com.podtwo.RecoveryManager) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Anyone any ideas? Thanks.
  2. I got my phone from Vodafone yesterday and came with the following; ROM Version: WWE ROM Date 06/26/08 Radio Version Protocol Version: 52.26a.25.09U Was thinking about flashing to TLR Would this be an improvement over the current, sluggish ROM? Thanks.
  3. I know I'm a bit late to the game, but what's it like with IMAP mail?
  4. Ah, that's a shame. It's just I'm in the market for a new phone and I'd like it to support IMAP IDLE. Any recommendations, as I really don't want to go down the Blackberry route. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Paul. Just a couple more questions and apologies if they've been covered: Does the Shadow support IMAP IDLE? Can the actual home page/themes be changed, or is it restricted to NEO? If I use the device on Vodafone, will I lose any features? If I use the device on Vodafone, can I remove T-Mobile specific links etc? Thanks again.
  6. Hi all, I've currently got an i-mate SP5/Qtek 8310 or V1240 as Vodafone like to call it. However, I'm due an upgrade and the fact I don't want touch screen and I want something slimmer than my current phone, plus have a Blackberry Pearl for work, I really like the idea of a T-Mobile Shadow/Juno. I was just wondering if anyone else here if using one on Vodafone, or purchased one directly from them? If not, how else could I source it and is it possible to 'unlock' for Vodafone? Any help/advice welcome, as it's time for a change :( Cheers.
  7. :) Oppps. I'm sure I tried that, but... I dunno. :D Is there a way to set it up to run from startup without having to run it manually? Similar to 'Don't Forget'?
  8. Ok, I've managed to find V2 Beta 1, but where can I get V2 Beta 4? Thanks.
  9. Hi Olaf, Could you possibly post again with the link? Cheers.
  10. Over 50 views and not a single response?? :D I thought this was one of the number one apps on the tornado, but I can't find the latest version anywhere. Surely someone can help me? Either post a link, private message me to email it to me or something? :)
  11. Hi all, I'm trying to find Tornado PowerControl 2, but I can only find 1.4 using this link. Where can I get the latest version (2.*) from? Thanks.
  12. Morning all, What's going on with my phone? I've a QTek 8310 (well, the Vodafone version) and I can't download MMS, yet I can send them etc etc. It claims I'm out of space, but looking at 'About' it states 6.43MB of available storage. Even so, I cleared all temporary internet files, cleared out emails, old MMS, SMS etc, but I still can't download any MMS ;) Any idea's what else I can do, as it's driving me mad :) Any advice welcome! PS. It's got a 1GB MiniSD aswell.
  13. That looks pretty good, but I don't really want to pay for anything (just booked a holiday) and it does A LOT MORE than I'll ever need. All I simply want is a couple of additional folders. I don't want filtering, auto-replying, different sounds etc. I'm stunned that the phone can't do it anyway, especially with it running Windows! Even my poor old Nokia had the ability to add folders. Are there any alternatives? Edited to add additional text.
  14. Hi all, My SMS inbox is getting a bit cluttered with messages I'd like to keep. On my old Nokia, I could create additional folders to put messages in, but I can't work out how to do it, or if it's even possible on my SP5/8310. Any help or advice welcome with how I can do it? Thanks.
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