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  1. Superb worked a treat, phone rooted and unlocked :)
  2. Hi, do you get the yellow warning traingle on boot from following this root process? Just want to be sure before doing it. Also confused which file version of download as I have kernel version XWKE1 / 2.635.7-I9100XWKE1-CL181974 I guess KE2 would be the nearest?
  3. You could try the power control widget with screen timeout button enabled to see if that helps? Seemed to work for me.
  4. You could try the power control widget with screen timeout button enabled to see if that helps?
  5. Can confirm bluetooth is fine with my car stereo, no cut outs watsoever. Did have issue with wifi tethering cutting out, but this stays on if I have the screen timeout button on (I have this on power control widget for ease). That could just be me though? Only other niggly thing is microphone feedback through speaker in call i.e. I can hear myself. This could be a bug with Nightly though I presume? Pretty happy with everything else. :D
  6. Same for me on Settings > Display> Brightness. Forced close on Sound > Volume too. Same for full wipe too.
  7. That is the proximity sensor bug! Tethering is cutting out for me on V2 when screen goes off. Is it just me or known problem?
  8. Well my fone was on 91% this morning when I woke up. So no real drain in standby which is impressive. That was V1 rom though, expect v2 to be similar. I'm on three so expect pretty bad battery life with 3g.
  9. Nice work, V2 runs nicely. Only suggestion for V3 would be to remove Barcode scanner & Titanium backup if your going to be consistent in removing unecessary apps. Suppose I could remove apks myself before flashing. But didnt want to risk it.
  10. Nevermind, installed and tethering is stable. Even USB mounting is ok for me with my apps installed - Edit: not working after reboot. Now to see what battery drain is like. Love the boot logo and fact its got Launcher Pro as default. So far so good, nice work!
  11. Is wifi tethering stable on this i.e. you dont lose connection after screen standby? Current 7.0.3 rom does and its bugging me now. Cheers.
  12. I have tethered on three with no probs and no charges (I get 2gb data). As long as you're not takin the mickey I think you'll be okay. Think they can check though. edit: Wonder if using something like PeerBlock will make it totally hidden?
  13. Loving the lite version. Any way of changing the background colour for message screen to black (instead of white) in line with menus?
  14. Could someone tell me if this version of flash installs and works on this Rom? http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?s7kl3ryno2yfra4
  15. You must mean blade wifi fix. It does the job nicely. :rolleyes: Gutted flash dont work on this, will pass for now. Unless there are any other major benefits over Modaco R4.
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