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  1. Anyone got any screenshots of each?
  2. i900french - i've noticed you're a FF fan, i've managed to get FF7 working on version .5 but just got a couple of questions. 1) The music seems a bit 'weird' not quite right - is there something I can do to solve this? Ive not compressed the iso or anything, i've literally just pulled it out of an eboot PSP file so I could tinker around with that 2) Is there a way of 'running' without a bluetooth gamepad? At the moment I have to walk everywhere as I can't press action and a direction key at the same time
  3. Tried version .5 and .6 and both have this problem, i'm trying FF7 and after a couple of minutes in the opening intro the screen with switch to landscape mode on it's own and the on screen keypad disappears. There's no way to quit without soft reseting. Any ideas? Be cool to play this game on the train on the way to work in the mornings :D
  4. Just got an Omnia on T-mobile and wondering what my options are for ROMs. Be nice to get things speeded up a bit and get rid of the god awful T-mobile childish branding. What ROM will be a good compromise of available memory / speed and features?
  5. Where does the stylus go normally? Call me a noob but does it not just go into a slide in hole thingy as any other pda phone? Getting slightly worried now, just ordered one of these as i've had an upgrade due for a while..
  6. With multi disk games such as FF7/8 etc - how does it work? How do you switch disks?
  7. Just tried this Seven beta and it's working brilliantly so far! Only thing is, is it possible so that when I delete emails or mark them as read on my device - this is reflected in my Gmail inbox when i log on via my pc next? When id set up my gmail account manually (without Seven push) this was the case and was much better
  8. Hmmm seems mine does the same...Im not too impressed with some of the changes made from the kaiser - like no 'OK' button on the keyboard
  9. Paul, can this be installed onto a Tmobile branded touch pro? The Vario 4 with all of it's TMobile bloatware is well....typical of a networks customisation
  10. But if he can upgrade at the end of the month, that means he can put his 30 day notice period in - which may give them a push to offer him something... worth a try!
  11. I was around 5 months over my due date (been holding out for the touch pro). You could always try 150, then option 5, 3, 2, 1 - basically the option to speak to someone about leaving. Just say you want to leave - and if they can offer you an upgrade slightly early, you'll think about staying :)
  12. Just ordered mine on upgrade via 150 :) Paid £92 for it on a 12 month contract, Relax 20 (£20 per month, which I actually get for half price so only £10pm)
  13. Just ordered mine :) Cheers for the heads up
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