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  1. Is anyone able to tell me how to unlock a blackberry 8120 so i can use any sim in t thanks
  2. can anyone tell me where i find the latest rom update on the orange website? looked everywhere and i can't find it thanks
  3. can anyone tell whether active sync version 4.2 is compatible with my phone? it says on the microsoft website 'ActiveSync 4.2 is designed for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices' how do i find out what version of windowm mobile i have? thanks
  4. hi all, the left soft key on my c500 is not responding and i can't get it out of locked mode. is there anything i can do to try to get it to work or does it mean taking it back to orange? thanks
  5. hi all, is there the equivalent of pay as you go in the USA? I have a C500 which has been unlocked (i've tried other UK sim cards in it to make sure they work and they do). what i want to do is buy a US pay as you card and use that in my C500 Can anyone tell me whether i'll be able to do this? thanks
  6. Hi all Is there a way I can tell whether I have successfully SIM unlocked my phone? I don't have another SIM card (only have my Orange SIM) to put in to try. Thanks for any help
  7. sent an email to T-mobile they told me the Vario II will be out mid August, but they are hoping sooner
  8. Isn't the vario II available on t-mobile - germany now?
  9. Is the Vario II a 3G phone or WIFI or both? Can you use the web-n-talk as unlimited data using WIFI?
  10. what plan gives you unlimited data? i can't find antthing on the 3g site thanks
  11. not knowing much about wifi if i have a router that has wifi - can i connect the spv m600 to it? can i then use the intenet on the m600 connecting through my pc
  12. What is the differce between these 2? What's the best one choose? thanks
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