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  1. Good stuff daskalos - Happy to see you cooking! What projects you working on now? --summoner
  2. Hi All, Can a forum for the Samsung Galaxy Beam open? Thanks!
  3. It's a really good phone hardware wise - excellent screen, build, keys, camera, projector, speakers, etc... This phone is my jump from WinMo6.5 But it needs a lot of help on the software side :lol: make it smoother... --summoner
  4. Hi Guys, Anyone here with a Beam? Can anyone help porting Froyo to the beam? it comes with Eclair out of the box... --summoner
  5. Daskalos and all the wonderful B7610 users, my bug report on this ROM so far: 1. Screen flashes on when device is off for no reason... 2. S3Clock app stopped functioning correctly (S3Clock screen doesn't display anything) 3. Battery usage was not good (usually 1 day is about 30% - with this ROM 45%) 4. Memory usage is pretty steep (28mb ram free) 5. Included Opera didn't work 6. Messaging App was slow to load... I'm back to Hybrid II... --summoner
  6. JC2 ROM WWE w/ Opera10, Office2010, Samsung Apps, WAPAC, APPTODATE, GYRATOR, O2Compass, Midomi Interface other than titanium that works smooth. --summoner
  7. I'm waiting for it too! Great to have you back Daskalos! Will it be based of JC2? --summoner
  8. @Daskalos - I am very sorry to read all these developments! I hope we'll be able to work together on more of your excellent roms! I hope as a community we'll be able to work together and develop and improve our hobbies! Yours, --summoner
  9. I've also transferred from i900 to B7610 - 1. Still free ram problems 2. No Touchflo (TF3d and Sense are too slow) 3. No Silicon skins.. apart for that - an excellent device! Fast, snappy, sensitive and a very solid multimedia machine. --summoner
  10. Bhardwaj - Great application - I am happy you made it! I think you can add features to the app: 1. Make it switch Samsung mail and MS mail (also from titanium screen) 2. Add shortcuts to other samsung hacks (volume hack, list samsung dll versions installed) --summnoner
  11. So Far my report: 1. GPRSCounter is found in the windows directory - but it doesn't work still.. 2. Installing Samsung SDK 2.2 cab causes the device not to wake up! anyone have any idea? --summoner
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