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  1. Had same problem on the missus' Racer, she went from a feature phone to this android handset and found we kept blowing the litlle be of data she had what was it 25Mb daily?, seems an Android phone is always doing something, apps downloading ads etc. We found DC Switch app which enabled us to put a data toggle on the home screen and so the missus just turned off data when she is not using it, stops adds showing on games etc too which is a nice side effect, as well as prolonged Battery life. Found using same toggle switch on my Liquid meant battery went from lasting 2days to lasting about 5days. Ultimately though I ended up putting her on a contract with more data bundle and now its not a problem, we even manage to reduce our monthly payment and get more from Three which was nice.
  2. sandys

    3g/hspa issues with 2.1

    I downloaded a network application that could set wcdma preferred how that relates to hspa I dunno but i get the H symbol rather than the G so I'm happy, seems to have done the trick I'll see how it goes over the next week.
  3. sandys

    3g/hspa issues with 2.1

    Hi there, I recently upgraded from 2.000.16.EMEA.GEN1 (1.6) to 1.100.09.EMEA.GEN1 (2.1) all official roms and I like what the update provides in terms of polish etc. but now seem to have the phone stuck primarily on GPRS only getting 3g/HSPA occasionally, obviously this is not ideal, anyone else notived this sort of issue, it seems if my 2g signal is much stronger than my 3g one it defaults to 2g and makes the data connection next to useless. When I flash back to 1.6 the phone seems to primarily have a 3g connection albeit a weak one but I prefer this though lack the niceties of 2.1 rom. Any idea how I can get 2.1 rom with 1.6 radio ability? I'm using my Liquid on 3UK and have been since december and its been superb until the update. Cheers.
  4. Hi There, Does anybody know if the Imate Jam and Eten M500 share the same port on the bottom, I'd like a powered screen mount but most specifically say JAM rather than Eten, Can I use a JAM mount? Thanks.
  5. :) it sounds mad to check the sat nav route but when you have been informed that the route its taking you through London on a weekend has a couple of street markets and it would be easier to go M25 you need to tell it that, Sat Nav doesn't give you the routing info based on time of day and whats going on in the local area, not sure if it would sort this stuff out with its traffic dial up facility but I don't use that, so if you know that one way is goingto be harder than the other you have to tweak it, if you don't know anything about the area you are going to you just have to rely on it but I am normally going to see someone/company and get told areas to aviod often.
  6. Tom Tom seems very cool, while yes you could read a map and that would be cheaper, its nice to have, don't know about anyone else but I verify the route tom tom gives with a map before setting off to make sure it goes the way I would and make modifications to its route of necessary, I then rely on it to tell me where to go as I am driving, saves stopping to check maps, me missing a turning or misremembering route etc. its great.
  7. Hi there bit of a combo post with afew questions. I and going to attempt to use my phone as a Sat Nav device can anybody recommend a couple of mounts either dash or screen (preferably screen) that would be suitable for this device, preferably not too bulky but safe, is a powered mount necessary/available/recommended for this phone with this sort of application. Also when it comes to in car chargers are they all the same for these windows mobiles, its just that I have seen a charger for a Jam but not specifically and Eten M500? related to the whole Sat Nav thing, can the GPS device be hidden in the car and automatically switch itself on and of (thinking about the tom tom gps module) basically I have a power point in the boot which I would like to leave the GPS device connected to and never have to think about it again, is that feasible? Oh and while on the subject of things for my phone, how about a decent case I have looked at a couple but they are quite bulky so I am using my knackered old p800 case, I'd like a new snug fit case just for in pocket proctection, something likemy p800 case which is thin pouch with velcro flap to enclose it, I don't need to see the phone when I use it I remove from case. Thanks Sandy
  8. Right finally got my eten to sync by bluetooth things are starting to go a little smoother now, since getting it to work via bluetooth Active Sync 4 doesn't seem to want to start on boot of windows and it'd be nice if it just sync upon seeing my PC, got any tips for that? Web over bluetooth to check mail and stuff without going to my main machine upstairs is pretty quick, now I'm seeing the speed it has over the old phone 8) Thanks Sandy
  9. Yep thats worked a treat, I must have missed that in the manual, starting to get to grips with it a bit more, its not bad, I expected it to be quite a bit faster though, even without anything preloaded it slower switching apps than my old p800 which had a 150Mhz CPU and about 8Mb free to the user vs 400 ond more ram in the ETEN and boy does this device lack a jog dial for one handed navigation, still I love the multitasking side of this M500, the p800 always closed down the app you were running when you switch to another, making copy a paste between apps quite a chore, so much easier and quicker with this.
  10. Excellent I'll give that a shot in a bit.
  11. Cheers for the comments, I will admit to only having a brief skim of the manual, I gave it a proper read on Sunday night and discovered that the green button will bring the phone which is what I wanted, I think I have just some adapting to do, I like the device its just so different, try a Treo and you'll see how it should be done, you would have thought MS would have copied the other ideas like it does on the desktop or that its smartphone ideas would have made it to the pocket pc phone app. I didn't think of pushing the pickup button in call to get the dialler as I assumed it may put on hold like other phones but it brings up the dialler so thats one issue solved for me :cool: Speakerphone would be nice on a button but I supose I can live with starting M-Desk via the home key and enabling it, guess it was the initial shock of how clumsy the phone UI is, little things that anyone could have though up that haven't been implemented in a user-friendly manner Found the other thread on the ETEN but it wasn't clear to me a non windows mobile type how to get vioce dialling to work though it gave me ideas, turned out it was simply a case of assigning voice commander to the bluetooth headset on the buttons page rather than the button on the edge of the device, whilst the thread had mentioned that I couldn't get it to work, I had to play with the various volume sliders until it recorded my voice loud and clear, now things like digit dial, it works really well on my car kit, it would be nice if I could increase the volume of the incoming caller though, the volume slider is at max but its still loads quieter than my p800, may be an issue on the motorway, I'll see I guess. I don't mind using outlook, I have just never owned it before and used other apps, course I now need to convert thunderbird to Outlook, it seems it easy to go Outlook -> Thunderbird but how do you go back? Now to sort out the Bluetooth computer connection for modem and web access and my wifi sd card and actually get some software on it. Oh and why aren't MMS meassages included in the messaging app, it looks like MMS was an after thought? Thanks Sandy
  12. Hi There, I've been running a PDA for years originally with Palm and got into the combo phone with the Treo 180 which was cool and my follow on from that was a Symbian P800 which I have had for the last 3 yrs, anyway I quite fancied something a bit quicker with more storage that could use TomTom so opted for the M500. My problem is I find the UI awful coming from what I considered to be far better thought out interfaces on Palm/Symbian, the simple things from the other devices just aren't simple on this, no doubt I am missing some key stuff as I thought these things were supposed to be good, any pointer you can give to help a newbie make his PDA Phone more Phone than PDA would be appreciated, this phone edition doesn't seem that phone centric. The sort of thing I am on about is configuring voice dialling for a Bluetooth headset, being able to switch on speakerphone at a touch of a button incall, the ability for the M500 to be a phone when I switch it on rather than that today screen, or default to phone when I come out fo apps, syncing via bluetooth and to go into phone mode when I make a call from contacts rather than that silly bubble, its a bit of a pain to get to the keypad on touch tone calls, its these sorts of little things I have taken for granted on the other systems. The device is lovely and I can see the potential, I just don't think its being fully realized out of the box, I imagine a few of you have discovered work around already that could probably help me out. Oh and another thing, it seems to want to use outlook, is it configurable for thunderbird? Thanks Sandy

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