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  1. I had a similar problem months back. You will also find that when you are connected to a wifi network, no other devices on that network will be able to get internet access. Search the forums to find my topic, was around feb/march time. Basically you can open the reg editor, find a value re IP address, and remove the default which for some reason changes to Seek and you shall find.
  2. I assume you had some kind of 3rd party application manager previously? Try something like Arksoft.
  3. TomTom 7 works a charm with HD2. Touchscreen is responsive, huge display is a joy to work with. Plenty of guides around online with regard to it's installation. Its a 10 min job.
  4. Thank you sir :-) I believe you have just saved me a lot of stress! Legend :P
  5. I use my HD2 in a car cradle. I have a headphone jack wired into my head unit, so I simply drop the phone in the cradle, plug the headphone jack in, and robert's your father's brother.. 16gig of music in my car. Now, the problem comes when I try to use my HD2 with my bluetooth car kit. It's also connected up to the stereo to mute it when a call comes in etc, but for some reason when the phone is connected to the bluetooth car kit I get the music coming out of that instead of either the phone's speaker, or the headphone jack. So it seems that I can either play music in my car by turning bluetooth off, but then I cant make use of my handsfree car kit. I had the same setup with my iphone which didnt push my music through the bluetooth audio so all worked fine. Now, im looking for a setting on the handset that will prevent it from putting my non-call audio through the bluetooth but cant seem to find anything. Can anyone help with this? Its annoying now as the music feature of the phone to use in my car is the main reason for purchase, but its not good having a phone that I will never be able to use with bluetooth for calls when driving. Help!
  6. The cooked rom that appears on this forum a few threads down on the main list (6.5.3) hasnt had any updates from that initual release by the user. Good effort, but just isnt stable enough to be a permanent feature of the phone. Try it, have some fun, then expect to have to go back again.
  7. Some people just come here to vent i think. You would believe a user of nearly 6 years on this site would be more objective, and respect "IMHO" etc.. If you feel your conversations not private yet have the ability to reduce the volume from maximum to silence with 6 incremental stages, then perhaps the problem is with your hearing? How simple an interface would you require to meet your needs? Its a shame one of the most advanced handsets ever created doesn't meet your requirements as a consumer, user or developer, but you wont find much agreement here i'm afraid. All the best.
  8. And you think HT sense is over complicated? Are we talking about the same phone as the rest of us here?! Turn off HT Sense if it really is an issue for you, stick to winmo 6.5 which is a pile of s**t IMHO. Maybe you are just being too picky, sir.
  9. I cant say I have ever had this problem. You obviously had a faulty unit. I am able to turn the call volume down to almost nothing while in a call with the volume hardware buttons.
  10. Stick with the HTC roms mate. Nothing else is very stable. My biggest regret is upgrading to a cooked rom, the phone just cant handle it. If you want daily crashes, loss of data, insecurity over texts you send actually being sent, or anything being recieved, then install a cooked rom.
  11. Is there any news on a better rom than this coming up? My device is virtually unusable.. I have no trust in sms's being sent or getting to me without restarting the device, or sending myself a test message.. i have intermittent wifi issues, and am afraid to use on any network other than my own incase I jam it up, I get lockups on a daily basis, usually numerous times in any given day... I dont want to hard reset and go back to square one, only to find an improved rom becomes available and I once again do a hard reset to flash whatever rom comes along. Anyone?
  12. I had the same problem on the first start up of tomtom 7 and found the solution you mentioned above in another forom. Deleted the two files, never had a problem after that. Make sure you change the file properties from "read only", not sure if i had to do that, but dont understand why files would re-appear after beign deleted.
  13. I find that this rom is not stable as claimed. In any day of moderate usage I have to soft reset at least once. Wifi issue meaning the defailt IP address it attempts to use on any network is Wifi effectively no longer works.
  14. This problem has now come back again, of its own accord. Has made wifi on my handset an impossibility. Come on HTC, fix this.
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