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  1. davioxx

    Beta 2: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

    Hi guys just received my Galaxy S4 but noticed that it is a i337M with unlocked bootloader will this work with my phone? Ive read 9505 and i337M are quite similar, btw the email that I received with the download links are only for beta 1 where can I get beta 2? Thanks!
  2. Yep wondering do you have the retail galaxy nexus? Atm dont have the commands but my guess would be adb push su and adb push superusrr.apk superuserapk goes to system and su binary mmmm in system /bin i guess I had a guide to manually root if i can find it i will post it
  3. Spences actually when hanging at google logo you have full root adb access so you can push the stuff you need
  4. paul ive got a alaxy nexus signing engineering device so i guess it is a developer device, ive tried to flash an ICS build compiled from source failed and now im stuck on Google Logo I can only go to recovery and bootloader any thoughts?

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