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  1. Hi, I've been able to set a custom IP and gateway for WiFi connection (in a HTC S710), but I haven't been able to set the DNS servers, thus making surfing impossible. Does anybody know if there's any way of setting the DNS? Thanks a lot. PS. By the way, I've set the ip via Wi-Fi connection state, the windows in which current wifi connection info is shown (ssid, mac, ip....)
  2. Well, I've solved the problem. After uninstalling every midlet, I followed the whole process once again and this time it worked perfectly. Thanks a lot
  3. Thanks. However, it didn't work. Just screwed the jvm up (it didn't recognize any midlet after that, I got an 'invalid jar' message everytime). Going back to previous config, I fixed the problem. Thanks anyway :D
  4. Hello, does anybody know if it's possible to make the Java Manager use storage card rather than phone memory, for installed midlets? Something like the pocketIE cache solution someone offered. Thanks a lot
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