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  1. foxfire235

    Desire z in US 3g 850/1900 mhz?

    awesome. How do you like the keyboard? How's the speed? Does it have a front camera?
  2. foxfire235

    Desire z in US 3g 850/1900 mhz?

    I thought Bell was CDMA?
  3. Hey does anyone know if the desire z will be released in North America 3g 850/1900 mhz any time soon?
  4. Thanks I reflashed and Gallery is there now.
  5. Do I need to flash 1.1 and then 1.1.1?
  6. Anyone else missing "gallery" on this 1.1.1 build?
  7. foxfire235

    For sale Dell Streak Beta 2.2

    Still available but now on ebay. Last chance.
  8. As far as I know, the front camera doesn't work on 2.2 (stephen's rom)
  9. I had to do a factory reset from the Dell recovery page before going in to kush recovery
  10. foxfire235

    For sale Dell Streak Beta 2.2

    My streak from the OP is still available.
  11. Hey guys, Sorry if this isn't allowed on this board. After being suspended a third time (this time after about a month of service) I'm decided to sell my Streak. It's got a fresh copy of 2.2 and is suuuuuper fast. This phone is an Unlocked Beta from the Dell sponsored run in Austin Texas. It should work on Rogers in Canada, but won't work on AT&T... unless you know how to get around the block. I can send you pics if you'd like. PM me for details. Includes streak, soft pouch, usb cable, earbuds, US wall adapter, box and docs. Th condition is very good. Price is $475 shipped anywhere.
  12. That worked guys thanks very much for your quick and easy instructions!
  13. Bah! I tried to upgrade to the new V2.zip after having used the baseband version, and now I'm stuck with a brick. I was able to successfully "upgrade" to the newer version but I was stuck without a working cellular radio. I read inside the thread and saw that I had to downgrade first to 2.1, then upgrade to 2.2. So I flashed back to the factory recovery image, and now all I'm getting is a black screen when I chose option 2 (upgrade package). I've tried two different upgrade.pkg files, and I just reflashed the baseband using the qualcomm tool, but still no luck. All I get is a black screen when I try and upgrade from the factory recovery. Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. One other thing i noticed was market apps are missing. Wasn't there an earlier fix for this in the 2.1 builds?

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