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  1. I just got the 3125 and am loving it. I recently set my alarm, and all was well. I turned it off in the settings but the next morning it went off again. So I changed the time in the settings while it turned off, but it still went off at the original time. Is there some type of recurrence setting I can check or is it just messed up?
  2. gorcorps

    Audiovox SMT5600 Question

    I can do that w/out changing anything. Just put all your mp3s into "My Documents" on the storage card and they should show up in the ringtone list.
  3. Ok thanks. From what I can tell the 5600 does have the coverage I need. It's the Orange based c500 that has triband like my current mpx200 and doesn't work well with Cingular. At least thats what I think I've found.
  4. I've been looking into this phone because I want to move on from my mpx200. The battery life is bad and the coverage on Cingular isn't what I wanted. The question is, it looks like this phone is still tri-band (which the mpx200 is as well) but it looks like the 3 bands the 5600 covers are different than the 3 that my mpx200 covers. Does the 5600 cover the bands that Cingular requires and that I'm currently missing from my current phone? Also, I see there are updated roms in a sticky up above... but they all say they're from orange. Will they still work with the 5600 w/out messing up the bands and everything?
  5. gorcorps

    "Must Have" Software

    the NES emulator (pocketNES?)
  6. if it came on the phone than cant you do a hard reset to get it back?
  7. A few questions: -does it cover just Denver, CO... or the entire metro area, and maybe even more of CO? -how does it work, as far as is it an online access thing that'll use my data space on my plan?
  8. gorcorps

    extra battery anyone?

    This phone is known for bad batt life. You should consider yourself lucky you can get through an entire day w/out it dying. Is it that hard to charge it nightly? That's what I do and I don't mind a bit. There are many people who can't get through a whole day with the battery they have so you shouldn't complain.
  9. I have the 2003 rom and couldn't for the longest time get a ringtone encoded into .wma properly. Well I found this app, Goldwave that allows you to edit tons of files: wav, mp3, wma, and others... then save them into whatever type you want. The beauty of this is, you can save it as 9.1 .wma which is exactly what's needed for a ringtone! Plus it's free, so you can't go wrong with this one. If you're having .wma ringtone probs, check this app out. Even if you don't need it for .wma, it's still a great audio editor all together. EDIT: hey I've been promoted to "regular!" 50th post!
  10. I'm using it on an mpx200 and it works decently. I have to use the right joystick as the enter button also, and thats quite annoying. Also, I'd really like to see volume control or a mute somewhere. The sound isn't even muted when my phone is on silent, which is also very annoying. But the game runs good and provides entertainment, good job!
  11. Sounds like problems I've had w/ mp3 players and such in the past. I accidentally charged it w/ the wrong charger and it fried the circuit board and the battery. The battery got really hot and in one situation started to swell. However I don't know how that could happen /w the mpx200, since it's usb charged and all usb ports/cables give 5v. Have you tested the cable you charged with to make sure it's charging at 5v and not higher? That could be your problem.
  12. gorcorps


    If you haven't signed up yet that very well could be your problem. The sim probably isn't registered on the network yet and might not unlock unless it's a usable sim card.
  13. You can't mod the phone to have a better signal. There's been a fix (illegal) floating around that fixes some things and some reported a boosted signal with the new rom. You have to flash to 2003 though I believe, so you'll have to track down 2 hard to find and illegal roms. Good luck :o.
  14. gorcorps

    How do I choose CINGULAR ?

    By "upgraded it" I'm assuming you mean flashed to 2003 rom. Go to start>settings>1. phone>8. Networks...Make sure network selection is automatic. Now go to start>settings>more>8. phone settings... make sure preferred band is set to auto as well. This should at least get you a connection to the Cingular net. If it doesn't then Cingular is using the 850 band in your area which the mpx200 doesn't support. Cingular uses the 1900 and 850 bands, but they're primarilly 850. That means you should look into quadband phones (like the mpx220) as there's no way to add the extra network support.
  15. gorcorps

    midtown madness

    That would be very annoying... Can anyone say if it works fullscreen on other phones?

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