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  1. Very sweet! Thanks. I just picked up a Vodafone Touch Pro and will be wanting to perform many of what is listed.
  2. Well, for anyone coming across this in the future, I did get my problem solved. Apparently after much web surfing, my problem may have originally started because I had a photo assigned to one of my contacts, or there was information in the notes section of the contact which Activesync didn't like. At one point, I exported all my contacts to a .csv file and reimported them. This also may have created a problem, which was corrected with a character deletion, creation, and save procedure below. I highly suggest the first thing you do when trying to troubleshoot an Activesync problem is to make a back-up of your contacts, or even your entire .pst file. You may end up deleting everything from your PPC or Smartphone at some point, but as long as you have a copy of the data for your PC, you'll be fine and can always import it to Outlook and then Activesync it. The first thing to run is "Detect and Repair" under the help menu of Outlook. Then I removed the pairing on my Widows Mobile device and did a soft reset. Then I removed the pairing from Activesync on my PC. Then I uninstalled Activesync from my PC and restarted. I reinstalled the newest version of Activesync on my PC, and plugged my PPC in using the USB connection. I followed the wizard to set up the sync with my PPC. At this point, some calendar events and contacts were still not syncing, but I tested the sync feature by creating calendar events and contacts both on my PC and PPC. This confirmed that the sync feature was working. Then next thing I had to do was open each of the missing calender events on my PC and delete one character and then add it back, and then save. At this point, the calendar event synced and showed up on my PPC. Then, I opened each of the missing contacts, deleted one character and added it back, and then saved. Then the contact would sync and show up on my PPC. I only had a few calendar events that wouldn't sync, but I had over 300 contacts that originally wouldn't sync, so opening each one did suck, but in the end everything synced. Much of this was learned over 5 evenings of searching the internet. Many of these tips came from the Microsoft Activesync forum here: http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w...vesync/threads/ Gook luck and godspeed. Me and my TouchPro are friends again.
  3. I've been a huge fan of Microsoft for the ActiveSync software for years with my SMT560 and S710, but I thougth I'd finally step up to the power house of PPC, and got an almost free HTC Touch Pro due to an Vodafone upgrade. Yeah!! So, all I need to do is plug this baby in and sync all my Outlook 2003 contacts, calendar, tasks, notes. OK, sync looks like it goes OK, then I notice I'm missing some calendar events from next week and I'm missing some contacts. Strange. OK, soft reset. Resync, no change. Then hard reset. Then sync with S710. Now contact and calendar events that were on smartphone are now missing. Fine, delete relationships and start over. No good. Remove ActiveSync and reinstall. No improvement. Compact .pst file. Nope. Tons of Googling. Export contacts, Import Contacts. NOW THEY ARE ALL MISSING FROM TOUCH PRO. What the heck is going on??? I have 336 Contacts in Outlook. First sync with TP shows 0/336, then it resyncs automatically and says 0/226. Sync is all done, but NONE show up under contacts on device? I've unchecked contacts on the relationship, and rechecked the box, but I can't get my ANY of my contacts and only some of my calendar events to show up on Touch Pro. This is crazy. ActiveSync says it's working. It's going through all the motions like normal, but things are just getting worse. Any thoughts or advice on things to try?
  4. I went down to the local Vodafone store and finally had a hands on with the Touch Pro. I was concerned about the size, and I insist on pocketability. What surprised me is that it's almost the same size as my Vox, which I love. The only difference in size seemed to be that the corners on the Vox are more rounded, but overall, when I compared them side by side, they are almost exactly the same. So, this decision seems to be getting easier all the time. The Touch Pro is pocketable and roughly the same size as my Vox, but has a much bigger screen and all the major improvements in hardware and the power of WM Professional. All I'm losing is the dedicated keyboard, which I'm sure I'll get used to the touchscreen pretty quickly. I've had a smartphone style phone since 2003. Will I finally make the PPC jump before Christmas? Probably. I am a little concerned about the speaker volume issue I read about some people having. I can be a bit deaf in all but quiet surroundings. The Vox has always been plenty loud for me. Anyone want to add some comments regarding TP volume and how you think it compares?
  5. Gen Y: legal transcribers in training practicing on their stenotype to get to 300 wpm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stenotype :D
  6. I've had my Vox for a year now, and yes both rubber flaps swelled over time. About 4 months ago, I removed both, and have not had any issues. If you remove the battery cover, I believe you can pry the entire rubber flap for the mini usb out. I personally just cut mine flush with the case. The micro SD flap was removed by just pulling it out. No, dust has not been an issue with either. All the annoyance has disappeared and I am once again happy with my Vox.
  7. Wow, what a nice surprise! I love this time of year right before the holidays when new devices are released. :D This would be a great replacement for the S710. It's what the S730 should have been. I think my tastes are shifting though. I really like the Touch Pro. I've always had a Smartphone though. A dedicated keypad on my phone just made sense. I think I'm ready for the extra power of the Professional OS and additional software. I don't think extra length will be an issue. For pockets, I think wide and thickness are more an issue. I'm on Vodaphone, and they have both the S710 and Kaiser. They are gettitng the Touch Pro, SE X1, and I'd bet a pint that they'll be getting the S740 also. I'm just going to have to go into the shops when whey come in and do a hands on comparison. Anyone want to guess a price? 300 - 350 GBP? Comparison of iPhone, cards, S710, S730, S740 http://sizeasy.com/page/size_comparison/16...730-vs-HTC-S740
  8. OH...decisions, decisions. Touch Pro, Xperia X1, this is so hard to pick between. They are so similar. The SEX1 is just slightly longer, but you get a longer screen. This is so good for HTC though, as they get revenue from both and the Diamond. Is there a way to build a 2 columned table in the forum to compare all the features of the TP and SEX1? Found one: http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=pdacomparer&a...06&id2=1117 Advantages Touch Pro TV out Accelerometer More RAM slightly smaller slightly cheaper? more dedicated keys on keyboard secondary camera Advantages Xperia X1 Bigger screen Quad band GSM all the time Additional UMTS1900 3.5 mm jack slightly lighter more room betwen keys on keyboard more battery capacity Wow, this really will come down to personal preferences depending on what's important to the owner. If one is a global business traveller, I'd go with the SEX1 because of the additional frequences, bigger screen, and bigger battery. Otherwise, my choice right now is the TP because of the accelerometer, second camera, more keys, and 'standard' size screen which should cause less issues with 3rd party programs.
  9. So the TouchPro is going to have video out, and HTC supplies a mini usb to RCA cable to connect to a TV. Can a mini usb to 15 pin connector be used to connect to a projector? Like this: http://www.shop.com/Belkin_USB_Type_B_to_M...94-p!.shtml This would be sweet for business to run a power point presentation from a phone. :D This video out opens the mobile productivity doors. You could use a bluetooth keyboard and BlueMouse. http://www.engadget.com/2006/01/16/eleksen...abric-keyboard/ Or even much cooler with the laser virtual keyboard like Celluon CL850. http://www.celluon.com/products/laserkey1_2.htm?sm=2_1
  10. I've been stuck trying to figure out what to upgrade to for some time. I like WM, so no iPhone or Nokia for me. I really like the X1, mainly because it is a quad band world phone. It appears that the TouchPro will be able to be a quad band phone depending on which ROM you flash. I'm not an upgrader, so I'm interested in features for the long run. MicroSD slot is also required, as memory cards can easily be upgraded over time. The video out of the TouchPro is really starting to appeal to me. It's great to share photos with friends and family, and everyone's TV has RCA inputs. After owning the Vox, the slide out keyboard is a requirement. It makes typing so much faster. It may come down to which keyboard is better on the X1 or the TouchPro. I've been a little concerned about the weird size of the X1 screen and how well it will work with the variety of programs available. I do like that the X1 has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. I'm impressed by how many tweeks are available for the Diamond on xda.developers, which might also be a big boost for the TouchPro, unless they also decide to crack into the X1 over there. The X1 needs to come out before the holidays, otherwise it would be product suicide, and they would miss a massive amount of holiday sales. I think I might wait until just before Christmas to make my decision. A couple of months wait is worth it for me.
  11. I think this is good news. I don't mind waiting a little longer so that software will be available to work on the somewhat strange sized screen. I have a S710, and it's still irritating when programs don't support the screen rotation. (Yahoo Go has issues) So, I've been worried about the X1's screen rotation AND 800 x 480 screen size. These issues would lead to programs not formatting correctly and making a lousy user experience even though the hardware rocks. I think this is going to be the first WM device to truely have everything people have been asking for; FM radio, touchsreen, keyboard, bluetooth, aGPS, 3.2 MP camera with autofocus and flash, fast processor, lots of memory, global network connectivity, small, light, etc.
  12. The iMate website has the new models and they are very cool!!! Take your pick: http://www.imate.com/product.aspx?product=ultimate9502
  13. Google translator is awesome! I can now read Russian. Sweet. So there was some discussion about programs that were written to work with QVGA and others that would work in VGA. So does a 240 x 320 screen become a 480 x 640? How many programs are going to display properly on a screen that is essentially 4 times bigger? How much better is it that it's the same aspect ratio versus the Xperia X1 with a 800 x 480 ratio? I would think the P750 has a big advantage in this regard. Now, I'm really torn between the two devices. I have grown to love a slide out keyboard, and am looking for a replacement for my S710, but after owning the S710 with screen rotation, I'm personally aware of screen display issues and also lack of some support by software.
  14. How close are we to having a Star Trek Universal Communicator? Voice recognition software exists and works pretty decent. Broadband internet access allows for the transmission of lots of data at incredible speeds. Servers can handle massive amounts of data crunching. Mobile phones allow for voice input and output and can use Bluetooth with headsets. What's missing? Is it cost prohibitive?
  15. I too have a S710 (stupid rubber covers), and want more of an All-In-One smartphone. I like having number keys. It's just personal preference. I'm also trying to decide between the P750, the HP 614c, and the MWg Zinc II (which goes against the keypad comment, but I love the S710's slide out keyboard!) I think the 614c might be too big for my pocket. The Zinc II has a slightly larger screen in almost the same case size as the P750. Plus the Zinc II has FM radio, BUT it only has 1.9 MP camera. My next device has to have GPS, otherwise I'll keep my S710. I'm leaning toward the P750 for the better camera, but it's only tri-band :D and I travel to the states. I'm still making trade-offs. :) It looks like I'm waiting for the Xperia X1. :D I'm really looking forward to the review/unboxing. Decisions, decisions....
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