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  1. I've got the orange world for business 250Mb for 6.38 plus VAT and its does include modem usage Orange World for Business 250 £6.38 250MB £0.80 out of bundle Orange World for Business 1024 £17.02 1024MB £0.80 out of bundle It's more than i can get through in my train journeys If you can move to business plans i'd recommend anyone to do it. the difference in customer service level is amazing. I just tried the Mumbai based "3" purely for its 1Gb for £10 and spent countless hours on the phone to them. I was quick to rush back to orange after that experience. You get what you pay for !!
  2. Yep, but its a bit late. This is caused by the wrong fonts being installed at some point. mine gets screwed by the install of cameraware I seem to remember paul had a fix for this here http://www.modaco.com/content/CamerAware/2...fault-font-fix/
  3. Just signed up using your referral (envious!) Is it easy to get your PDA to feed its bluetooth sourced GPS to two or three programmes
  4. Have you had a chance to do this new build yet Paul as I still get this?
  5. In emails, the action key gives you a "return" in word and others it saves and closes the document
  6. That's good going in all respects. Three years for the phone is very respectable Three years sticking with one phone....wow! A three year old battery must have lasted till just beyond lunchtime!
  7. Can't believe you're getting the same issue as me Ditched my orange contract to go to 3 with my Samsung i600 adding the 1gb bolt on. HSDPA and 3G work well with the correct APN in town but "in the sticks" normal GPRS gives me 1kb or thereabouts before timing out. I'd dispute the quote about the signal showing you the level of the 3 network not the 2G network you've roamed onto, as some tiny pages load so there must be a GPRS network but blocked at some point. After all Orange GPRS worked fine in this area previously Anyway, cut a long story short Took the 3 phone and sim back and, once the legal team sort a few issues out, will be cancelled and going back onto Orange with a slightly pricier internet BUT it works in GPRS/3G/HSDPA and the customer service (from business side) is SOOO much better and UK based
  8. same here, BT car and GPS no problems
  9. After installing a few apps on a HTC dual, the following happens to the text in the cube This happens on the video/music/photo page as well as mail/internet page Any ideas? installed apps: skype mmetrics meter cameraware google maps
  10. £330 in most on-line places now except phonescorporation.com who allegedly have it at £300. We'll see tomorrow whether that's true though
  11. It's quite happy installing home baked certificates and exchange works really well on it
  12. I recently received my touch dual and was confused as to why it was phoning people whilst in my belt case. It turns out the magnet used to keep the cover shut also happens to tell the touch dual that you've opened it, hence it switches back on. The next movement can quite easily press the send button causing much annoyance to unsuspecting contacts!!
  13. OK no extra home screens installed and using windows basic at the moment google maps omap clocked to 252mhz skype office wm6 mmobile panel activesync cameraware divx player gprs trafic monitor ibm MIDP (unusable Java platform) mesenger smartphone notes vnc not a lot really.
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