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  1. Ahhhhhhhh, the missing bit of info is ... Wait with the buttons pressed until the shutter sounds. Gentlemen, I'm very much obliged.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to respond, however that method does not work on a G300 with 4.0.3, baseband 2030.
  3. Can someone please tell me how to take a screen shot with a rooted G300 running ICS? Cheers
  4. I bought a G300 from Tesco a week ago at £80, it was ok but suffered low ringtone and was full of Voda bloatware. It cost a few quid on eBay to have it unlocked, and I have since upgraded to ICS via these pages. The phone was bought to use abroad instead of my iPhone 4 ... However, It's SO good now I'm seriously considering selling the iPhone. The difference between Gingerbread and ICS is frankly amazing. Thanks to all at Modaco
  5. My stock Vega started losing dates and time a few weeks ago, then a few days ago the screen became less responsive ... then it shut down and has not worked since. It will NOT go into recovery, only the backlight works. 5 months old, immaculate condition, only lightly used to browse eBay infront of the tv ... PCW have sent it for repair. Unimpressed doesn't begin to describe my thoughts ..............
  6. For those geeks amongst us who understand the Android system enough to hack ... 1) froyo_f680a3 2) version 2.2.1 3) baseband MAUI.10A.W10.48.MP.V5.F1, 2011/01/27 Ankaka customer services provided instructions to get into recovery screens; 1. hold the volume " - " button 2. plug the phone to the AC power charger attached 3. hold the power button at the same time 4. then a page pops up to show you some selections 5. use the volume buttons to adjust the selection, choose the "reboot" option 6. press the left place of the back button (the phone will respond to this touch) I would really like to mess about with these functions I'm just not clever enough :P
  7. Superoneclick? No harm in trying I suppose? Ankaka's customer services are brilliant, when I bricked one of their tablets they simply emailed the firmware to me.
  8. It landed the other day, I'm having a right laugh getting friends and family to guess the 'real' iPhone4 ... it says a lot that most get it wrong! My friends have all commented on the high quality of the phone! Only downside so far is how slowly it plays Angry Birds ... but I can live with that. Anyone know how to root such a device?
  9. If you can afford an Advent Vega from PCWorld you will find a really decent tablet, it's easy to use and on other Modaco pages is being updated to the latest version of Android 3.0 Honeycomb
  10. I took the plunge and ordered an iPhone 4 clone which runs Froyo 2.2.1 (kernel version 2.632.9) ... I'm a pen pusher in Worcestershire I have NO links to the company in China ... I know there are some serious Android types on here who would love the idea of pulling out an iPhone only for it to be running Android ! Ciphone A3 I repeat, I have no links and I'm not a spammer, I've spent all day asking friends to spot the difference between this Ciphone and my own iPhone 4 and most could not spot the original ... have a butchers, this mobile is a LAUGH :P
  11. b1ackb1rd

    Advent Vega

    Aircool ... if you think this crowd are tetchy, you should try posting an SFQ on a car club forum ! Mild sarcasm here ... full fireproof suit required on some forums. (SFQ = silly effing question)
  12. Sat on a bus or the train? Probably interference from someone else's mobile ?
  13. Got one for £230 in PCW in Worcester today, first impressions are much better than the Chinese Apad A8 I had earlier this year.
  14. I have an old unlocked C500 (ex-Orange) which I now use on UK Vodafone (not able to use MMS etc). I keep seeing these topics on C500 ROM upgrades and WM5 and I'm confused, so can someone please clarify in words of one syllable; 1) What is the latest UK ROM version? I have 2) Is there a UK Vodafone ROM? 3) Can the C500 take the upgrade to WM5? I have WM 2003 2nd Edition version 4.21.1088
  15. It's ALIVE !! I got the local mobile shop monkey to have a bash at the soldering, and much to HIS suprise the phone started up with NO LOSS OF DATA in the last 3 months. Impressive or what??? The only downside is that my brand new 6233 is a bit boring by comparison and is being forgotten :D
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